Recipes for Cat Treats


Authored by Aditi Sachdeva in Cats
Published on 01-17-2009

It is your kitty’s birthday and it is time to treat your cat with a delicious palate. And just then you are wondering what that special recipe could be. You would definitely want the treat to satiate the cat’s appetite and at the same time it should not make the cat sick. As for the deliciousness quotient of the food, your cat will respond towards it immediately. Well, in that case it is better to resort to some tried and already experimented recipes, rather than innovating newer ones. Let us see what options we have.

Recipe for Tuna (or Chicken) Treat

Take half can tuna and cut into small pieces. Take the mashed tuna into a large bowl and add half cup whole wheat flour and half cup dry, non fat powdered milk. Now mix the ingredients well and to it pour in quarter of cup water and add one table spoon vegetable oil (or cod liver oil). Mix well with a spoon. Now take one egg and beat it until the egg content gets foamy. Add this to the tuna mixture and mix properly till it becomes sticky dough. Then use your fingers and shape the dough into small marble sized balls and get them flattened. Next, place the dough balls on greased cookie sheets and bake it in the oven (already preheated to around 350 degrees) for about 10 minutes. Bake it until the flattened balls get golden brown colored. In between baking, keep the balls turning upside down and so on, such that all the sides are being baked equally. After baking is over, allow them to get cooled. Now serve your kitty with the special treat and let him raise the toast.

The same recipe can be used with chicken also in place of tuna. You just have to get half cup chicken cooked and chopped into fine pieces.

Recipe for Fruity Treat

This fruity treat is easy to prepare and healthy when served in small portions and occasionally.

Take one teaspoon oats and half banana meshed earlier. Mix them in a mixing bowl. To it add two teaspoon plain yogurt, half cup orange juice and a quarter of a chopped apple. In season you can add two ounces of berries too to the mixture. Now blend it into a mixture using a grinder. When it forms a liquid paste, you know your treat is ready to be served.

Recipe of Green Bean Treat

This is a very quick and easy recipe of preparing cat treat. Take a cup of cooked green bean and puree and process it in a blender or a food processor. It will form a paste. Now in a mixing bowl, put green bean puree paste and add any some amount of canned cat food. Then add half cup of cooked rice and mix all the ingredients properly. Put the mixture in a covered contained and refrigerate well. Serve the cat in desired portions.

The above mentioned recipes are favorites world wide and these are recommended by vets and other cat lovers too. So try your hand out for these delicacies.


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