Recipes for Nursing Mothers

During the period of time in which you are breastfeeding your baby, you need to keep in mind that all of the foods and beverages you consume are affecting both you and your child. This means making the best choices for his and your optimum health and well being. Avoiding recipes which contain empty calories, and focusing on those which are high in nutritional content instead, are the best ways to ensure that you are both getting what you need.

Recipes which are high in protein are easy to make, and good for both you and your baby. Eggs, or egg-based recipes, are one possibility. If you tire of the standard methods of cooking eggs, they can be baked for a tasty alternative. As fruit contains necessary nutrients, an easy recipe can be made by adding chopped fruit to the eggs prior to baking. You can whip both of these ingredients together, and bake the mixture in individual-sized custard cups.

Pasta dishes are also easy to make, delicious, and good for you. An alternative to the basic spaghetti or macaroni recipes that you are familiar with is the baked variety. When you make your favorite pasta recipe on the stove, you can add vegetables prior to putting it in the oven. If you have never tried this before, you may be surprised at how baking increases the flavor and texture of pasta. One recipe idea is to make your usual pasta recipe on the stove top, add a cup of chopped squash, carrots, or other deeply-colored vegetable, and bake in an eight or nine-inch pan. You can increase the nutritional value and taste by adding grated cheese a few minutes before it is done.

While some nursing mothers may disagree, plain is preferable to spicy. Even if you yourself have a fondness for highly-spiced foods, it is better to avoid them while you are nursing your baby. It is not necessary to add spices to cooked food, nor to include them in recipes. You can get used to, and perhaps even begin to prefer, foods without these extras.

If your baby does not have a sensitivity to milk or dairy products, natural calcium is on both his and your “must-have” dietary list. An easy to make recipe that is chock-full of healthy benefits has many options for variety. All you need to do is put milk in an old-fashioned blender, add one or more kinds of fruit, and you will have a blended shake that is good for both you and your baby. You can also add protein powder for an extra boost if you wish. Even if you take calcium supplements, calcium in its natural form is not only healthy, it also tastes great.

When you are preparing recipes for yourself while nursing a baby, you also need to abide by the advice your doctor has given you regarding caloric intake. These recipes and ideas are high in nutritional value, yet relatively low in calories.


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