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  • By Francesca Rilotelli
  • Published 07/31/2012

Everyone has a favourite recipe. It may be from our trusty paper style cook book, it might be a recipe handed down over generations, or it may be a cherished recipe written down on a scrap of paper from an office get-together. Even though we have our favourite recipes, and our favourite recipe media, sometimes there is a need for something behind the tried and true traditional recipes. Online recipes fit this situation perfectly.

Recipes can be found which are as complicated or simple as you are willing to try. The ingredients can be as routine as beef broth, or as exotic as swan meat. The spices used with online recipes will warm the soul, and sometimes send you an expedition to find the freshest Moroccan spices available in your neighbourhood.

There is no end to what you can prepare, or beg another to prepare for you. Online searches have become simpler during recent years. Search engines allow you to drill down to the type of recipe you are looking for. If you want to experiment with paella, you can specifically search for recipes calling for paella. You can search looking for simple recipes, or complex. If you seem to have more left over lamb than you can imagine what to do with, a simple online search will provide inventive ways to serve mutton. Some may be traditional; others may have an usual twist or flare.

Most online sites will present side dish suggestions. These will generally be items the author feels complement the dish perfectly. There is no rule that says you must prepare only those items; they are, just as the title suggests, suggestions. A suggestion can be accepted, rejected, or altered. It is not a requirement. Sometimes a suggestion may serve as a gentle nudge to get your creative juices flowing in the right direction. Depending upon the recipe site you are using, they may encourage the use of a product they sell. Chances are, it is a product you already have in the pantry, and you may be looking for the perfect use.

You never know, your family’s new favourite recipe may be at your fingertips. Cooking is a time when thinking outside the box is always encouraged; and remember, fresh ingredients make everything better.

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