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Authored by Robert A. Trezza in Environment
Published on 04-16-2009

So you went shopping and saw that super cool new laptop you always wanted? It is faster than your PC, and has graphics like you have never seen before, so you brought it. You’ll get home and down load your music super fast, and play your video games till your eyes beg mercy. Let us not forget Facebook and your buddies. Now that you have your new toy, what are you to do with the old computer, now stored in your closet? There are a lot of ways that one can recycle their old computers and laptops, so they will have room in their closets to toss their laundry in the next time the parents come to visit. There are a few different options that one has when looking to recycle their old computers. Whether selling or donating your computer, you’ll find a better way of dispersing your PC rather than junking it.

Your first option may be to find an environmental program such as Earth 911 or My Green Electronics. These programs can aid you in finding a home for your old computer. They have websites set up to help you find a place to donate your electronics. These sites will allow you to find people who can’t afford a computer and are looking for one for free. Also you will be able to post your PC information on their message boards.

Another way to get rid of your old computer is to post it on eBay. If it still works you are in luck, as there are many people that will buy an old PC and refurbish it themselves. If the PC is not working, there are some people out there that seek broken computers and use their parts on other PC’s. They may dissect it and use parts such as the hardrive or memory cards, which are a valuable to those who are PC literate.

There are also a lot of schools that will accept old computers to put in their libraries or classrooms. Sometimes libraries will seek out old computers as well and put them in their children’s area so they can learn on them. You may not make money off the old computer, but you will be doing something good for both the environment and the children.

Another way you can recycle your old PC is to use it. You may not be able to surf the web any longer at super speed, but your PC may still have some use to you. You can use the old hardrive to just store your music or movies. You can also recycle your monitor, keyboard and printer, saving you money and keeping the environment healthy. Some manufactures will take your old PC if all the other options don’t work for you. Many will have in store drop offs available.

There are many options available to keep us from having to leave our PC on the corner only to be junked and effect the environment in a negative way.


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