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Recycled Composition Book The Decomposition Book


The Decomposition Book Recycled Composition Book

Here is my first review of a product that I found at the 2010 National Stationery Show, and hopefully Ill have a bunch more to come that I will spread out over the next few weeks.  This is an environmentally friendly composition book which is very cleverly called “The Decomposition Book” in recognition of its green characteristics.  There were lots of green office supplies at the Stationery Show, but this one by far had the most creative name, along with having some impressive features.  The Decomposition Book (via Amazon) is made by Michael Roger Press.


Inside Front Cover of the Decomposition Book

The Decomposition book measures 7.5″ by 9.75″ and has 80 sheets, or 160 pages of post consumer waste recycled paper.  The front inside cover has some helpful information, a spot for a name/subject/reward, and also some environmentally friendly info.  The back cover pictured below has a full detail of all of the environmentally friendly stats of this green composition book.


The Decomposition Book Recycled Composition Book Inside Back Cover

The inside back cover contains more info on what makes this a green composition book.  Some of the impressive qualifications and interesting stats are as follows:

-Manufactured using bio-gas

-Processed chlorine free

-Printed with soy ink

-Made in the USA (this does make a difference assuming you buy it in the states since you are not using energy to ship it to the US)

-Additionally, each book:

-Saves 1/200th of a mature tree

-Saves 1/3rd lb. of solid waste

-3 gallons of fresh water

-4/5 lb. of air emissions

-3/4 cf. of natural gas


Decomposition Book Recycled Composition Book Writing Sample

The writing sample above shows a variety of pens on the paper.  The top half of the sample in blue was done with a Uniball JetStream pen, while the middle portion was done with a Green Medium Point Sharpie Pen.  The bottom of the page shows multiple other pens including a fountain pen, some gel ink, liquid ink, and roller ball pens.  Each of the pens tested wrote very smoothly on the paper with no feathering.


Decomposition Book Recycled Composition Book Show Through

The scan above shows the back side of the writing sample, which you probably need to click on to get the bigger version so you can see the detail.  Basically there was some show through with some of the pens, mostly the roller ball and medium point Sharpie Pen.  Overall if you are not terribly picky about the show through most of you should be fine in this area.


Decomposition Book Recycled Composition Book Binding

The entire make up of the Decomposition Book is done very well.  The cover and tape binding all seem to be of a good quality, and the photo above shows the sewn binding that actually holds it all together.  If you are looking for some green home office supplies, this environmentally friendly composition book should do the trick.

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