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Recycled Motherboard Ruler


Recycled Motherboard Ruler

Here is another review of a product from ThinkGeek that I picked up recently.  I couldn’t resist the fact that this ruler is not only made from recycled material, but it’s also just really dorky…like me.  If you cant tell from the picture, this ruler is actually made from an old computer motherboard, I don’t think you can get any more geeky than that when it comes to office supplies.


Recycled Motherboard Ruler Close Up

My only other ruler review was more about the functionality of the ruler rather than the look and composition of it.  I’ve always wondered what if anything can be done with all of the material that was used for the millions and millions of computers out there, and this looks like a great idea.  The ruler is pretty basic, one side measures in inches, while the other side measures in centimeters.  The pattern that you see is silk screened on the ruler, and it appears to be pretty well done so I don’t think it will wear off.  The close up picture above shows all of the circuitry as well as the silk screened markings and branding.


Back of the Recycled Mother Board Ruler

The back of the ruler has additional markings as you can see above.  Overall the ruler has a completed geeky look and feel.  I was curious to see if this ruler was going to be at all brittle, however I was surprised to see that it wasnt.  Although you cant roll the thing up it is a little flexible and doesn’t seem like it would break easily.  This is on sale at ThinkGeek along with a bunch of other stuff, but for $7, this is a great conversation starter for your desk.

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