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Recycled Paper and Sugarcane Journal by TreeFree Greetings


Tree Free Notebook

For some reason, this environmentally friendly journal by Tree-Free Greetings initially gave me the impression that it might be one of those notebooks that might be more focused on putting out a pretty package rather than a quality product, but that still didn’t stop me from picking it up from Amazon with one of my recent orders.  Pretty graphics aside, lets take a look at this environmentally friendly notebook.


A Closer Look at the Tree Free Notebook Binding

Admittedly, the dragonfly cover on this notebook isn’t really my style, but I do think it looks pretty cool, in person the graphics and colors are very vivid while the image itself is very crisp and realistic looking.  I really like how even though the colors on the cover are all dark greens and dark purple, they still stand out quite a bit against each other for an incredibly rich looking cover.  It is really worth checking out the full size image by clicking on the above photo.  The binding of the notebook is pretty sturdy, and it offers the ability to open mostly flat.  Id sa on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being that it opens perfectly flat, this is about a 8.5 because it requires a little extra pressure to keep it down in some instances.

Each page of the notebook has a green dotted line that acts as the ruling, and a slightly cliché leaf printed on the corner of each page.  The ruled lines on the page are .8cm apart, and the light green tone of the dots is a nice change from the usual blue or gray.  The environmentally friendly notebook has 160 pages of 5.5″ x 7.5″ paper that is 50% post consumer recycled and 50% reclaimed sugarcane paper.  Additionally, the pages are printed with vegetable based ink, but there is no mention of the ink type used for the cover.  Another nice touch is that the paper (again, no mention of the cover) is made using renewable green energy.  Also another big plus for this environmentally friendly journal is that it is made here in the US.


Tree Free Notebook Writing Sample

With all of the visual and environmental characteristics accounted for, the true test was to put pen to paper and find out how this green paper handled ink.  I was happy to see that my Pelikan fountain pen, as well as a Uniball Jetstream, Sharpie Pen, and Pilot Hi-Tec-C Gel Ink pen all wrote very nicely on this paper.  The trickiest of the group is always the fountain pen, and there was no feathering with the ink, nor did it bleed or show through on this paper.  The paper wasnt AS smooth as some other paper as there was a tiny hint of roughness with my fountain pen, but that is just me being overly picky.  For the most part, I can’t imagine anyone using this notebook for their daily notes not being very pleased with it.  Again, I picked this particular version up from Amazon, however there are plenty of other cover styles to select from.


The Three Wolf Moon Environmentally Friendly Journal to Match Your T-Shirt

Also, if you are so inclined, it is worth noting that it even comes in the classic Three Wolf Moon print…you know you want THAT one to go with your matching t-shirt, just think of all the awesome stories you can document about the amazing things that happened to you while you wore your t-shirt.  Anyway, on a more serious note, this is a really nice environmentally friendly journal made with with recycled paper and sugarcane paper.  On a side note, if you are having a slow Monday at work, it is definitely worth hitting the Three Wolf Moon T-Shirt link just to read the nearly 2,000 comments about the awesome experiences had by those who have worn it. simple-smile-8768876

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