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Red by Black n' Red Hard Cover Notebook


Today we have the other Black n’ Red notebook that was part of my slightly confused purchase from Amazon a few weeks ago.  I had initially thought this was a red version of the Black n’ Red Soft Cover Notebook, but this is actually a hard cover Black n’ Red Notebook with a red cover (buy via Amazon), which is the only red version of this brand that I’m aware of.

The front and back cover of the Red by Black n’ Red notebook has a subtle texture to it, similar to a faux snake skin.  The back cover has the “R” logo embossed while the front cover has the Black n’ Red branding embossed as you can see in that first picture above.  Being that both instances of the branding are just embossed with no color fill, its pretty subtle and keeps things simple, which I like.


Unlike the soft cover version, this Red by Black n’ Red notebook has a 1/8″ black page finder ribbon.  It also has a subtle red “R” at the bottom of each page.  This notebook also lays surprisingly flat when you open it up, and without much effort too, which is nice.  I call that out because many times notebooks with a hard spine like this don’t always lay flat so easily.

Red by Black n’ Red Writing Sample:

Since its one of my favorite combos lately, I decided to stick with the same Noodler’s Q Eternity ink and my Pelikan M805 with Medium nib that I did the writing sample for in the soft cover version of this notebook.  Because the paper is identical, the results were identical too.  The pen and ink combo wrote incredibly nicely on this paper with absolutely no feathering or spreading.  I did realize in doing this review though that I forgot to mention that the Red by Black n’ Red has .25″ spaced rulings.  All of the other features you see listed above are the same as the other version.


Sticking with the whole “Black n’ Red” theme I figured I’d limit the additional writing samples here to just black and red inks.  Again, not much new learned here as compared to the other version.  The Pilot Bravo which I haven’t reviewed yet was the pen I would have guessed would cause the most show through on the other side of the page because it is a very bold, dark, and wet ink.  Surprisingly though, its still only the Noodler’s Q Eternity that gave this paper any serious problems when it comes to show through on the other side of the page.


Not really a lot more to say about the Red by Black n’ Red since its highliy similar to the black soft cover version.  Both are great notebooks, but just make sure you are careful if you are ordering on Amazon, since as I mentioned before, there is only one product page for these two different notebooks.  When you go to the Red by Black n’ Red page on Amazon, be sure to click the little red notebook icon, unless you truly wanted the black soft cover version of the Black n’ Red notebook.

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