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Redesigned Sharpie Pens


Rather than a full review today, this is more of just an FYI on a pen that we have reviewed a bunch before that got a nice visual upgrade.  I was browsing for new office supplies online to review the other day and these new redesigned Sharpie Pens (via Amazon) caught my eye.  If you are unfamiliar, the old and original design of the very popular Sharpie Pens had all black caps, so these colored caps really jumped out to me.


As you can tell, the newly redesigned Sharpie Pens pack a huge punch of color and vibrancy as compared to their old design.  The pack of 12 that I picked up included 2 black pens, 2 blue pens, then one each of turquoise, green, clover, orange, coral, hot pink, red, and purple.


For those of you that aren’t familiar with the old design, here is a look at the purple version of the Sharpie pen, both new and old to give you an idea whats changed.  The first and most obvious is that the cap is not color coordinated to the ink and not just black.  I know I’ve struggled more times than I can count in terms of trying to identify what color Sharpie pen I was grabbing for in a dark drawer, bag, or pen case.  This was especially difficult for the darker colors like purple, blue and green.    The wavy lines that run the length of the pen are actually thicker now giving an easier visual cue as to the color of the pen as well.  Lastly, the colored stripe that wraps around the barrel has been shifted from the bottom to the top of the pen which is the only part of the redesign that I question.  I think the top of the pen with the cap is now really easy to identify by color, so I would have thought keeping that stripe that wraps around the pen at the bottom would help for those that keep these cap down in a cup or are just grabbing at the back and for whatever reason.  They also reversed the wave of the silver  design on the body so that the thicker flared out part of the design is closer to the tip rather than the back end of the pen.


So looking at this pile of the newly designed Sharpie Pens you can tell how its going to be much easier to grab the right color that you are looking for as compared to those old black capped versions.  I think this is a well done redesign because it not only looks good, but its also a huge upgrade in terms of making the Sharpie Pen easier to use.

Redesigned Sharpie Pen Writing Samples:


Here is a quick look at the writing sample for the redesigned Sharpie Pens.  The new design still retains all of the great features of the original pen like being waterproof, smear proof, fade-resistant, and acid free.  If you haven’t used Sharpie Pens before, these redesigned Sharpie Pens are a great reason to give them a try because a really awesome pen just more more awesomer. 🙂  Check out the redesigned Sharpie Pens (via Amazon) for yourself and give ’em a shot.

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