Redneck Wedding Favors


Authored by Lisa Bower in Wedding 
Published on 12-08-2009

Wedding favors are an important piece of any wedding because they give guests an invaluable keepsake from your big day. This way, your friends, loved ones, and coworkers will never forget your wedding. If you’re throwing a Redneck-themed wedding, the wedding favors should fit into this theme. The following are some Redneck wedding favor ideas to help you choose favors that are sure to be remembered.

An easy and inexpensive Redneck wedding favor is to invest in some colorful bandannas. These items can be integrated into most table settings or can be included in bags that include bandannas, toothpicks, and maybe even miniature pitchforks. Have fun with this theme so that the wedding favors are as original as possible.

Try and play around with the South when it comes to Redneck wedding favors. For example, you could invest in miniature cowboy boot keychains, packets of sweet tea, and napkins or plates with small banjos or guitars printed on them. Redneck often means country, which often means the South. You could even find keychains that play favorite country western songs.

Often, redneck is synonymous with blue jeans and overalls. Thus, think about incorporating denim into the majority of your wedding favors. You could include small journals covered in denim, include denim-looking napkins or scarves, or even just add some denim to the wedding favor packaging. This is a unique and creative way to make your redneck wedding favors that much more memorable.

Shot glasses are another great redneck wedding favor. The glasses can be personalized to fit the occasion. For example, you could have the names of you and your loved one printed on them, could find those with cowboy boots or horseshoe symbols on them, or could even have your favorite song lyrics printed on them. Shot glasses are something that people will be able to use, are fun, and are sure to be a success.

Similarly, koozies are another stellar redneck wedding favor. You could go with koozies that are personalized with information about the wedding or with favorite quotations or song lyrics, or you could invest in brand name or even plain koozies. Such items are great because people of all ages can use them to keep everything from beer to soda cool.

Camouflage and John Deere trucks are often associated with redneck lifestyles. Thus, think about investing in everything from t-shirts to hats and socks made with camo and the John Deere symbols printed on them. Such items are as useful as they are fun and memorable. You can even find mini-John Deere trucks or earrings with the logo on them.

The more creative you are with your redneck wedding favors, the more successful they will be. Consider what the word redneck means to you, what appeals to you about this theme, and how you can speak to people of all ages, genders, and backgrounds. This will help you when it comes time to shop for and buy redneck wedding favors suited for each and every wedding guest.


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