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Reel Your Article Readers In With a Sparkling Hook Title

  • By Earma Brown
  • Published 08/6/2009
  • Article Writing

Are your articles lost in the sea of information streaming into your reader’s consciousness each day? The Information Highway has flooded into a sea of information. If you don’t want your articles to get lost, you must title them well. Remember, any marketing material from your web page to the 2 line classified ad needs the attention grabbing power of a magnetic title. You must create sizzling titles designed to hook your potential readers. One of the most important skills to develop as an article marketer is the skill of creating attention-grabbing titles. When you master this skill you may use it in every aspect of your marketing to attract more readers, improve your cash flow and increase your profits. Here are 7 proven ways to create attention pulling article titles: 1. Command your article readers through a title like, “Get Web Visitors Now!” Our human psyche responds to commands. The command has an immediate effect. Why? It connects with the “Yes, I want that” spot within us all. Commands reassure us that helpful advice will follow. It tells the reader it’s possible to achieve the benefit the author claims. 2. Include a How To in your title like, “How to Make Your Business Marketing Go the Extra Mile.” People love magic pills, miracle solutions, prescriptions or just EASY. We love to learn with easy steps, simple guides and most of all fast. Mix it with a benefit and you will reel your reader in every time. You decide. Does the title above, “How to Make Your Business Marketing Go the Extra Mile” or “8 Ways to Market Your Business” sound interesting to you?” 3. Write an article title with a provocative statement, “7 Website Mistakes that Stamp Loser On Your Selling Site.” Are you saying I’m making mistakes that stamp loser on my website? You would want to know especially, if you’ve been working hard to make money online. Provocative statements startle us and grab our attention like an electric shock. They make us interested. They even make us mad. They make us feel a lot of things but most of all they make us read.

4. Ask a question in your article title, “Are You Getting Enough Sex In Your Marriage?

” Most people unconsciously answer the question you pose in their minds. The hook is to provide the answers in your article including statistics. For example this article title, “Have You Felt Afraid To Buy Online?” would push a button with anyone afraid to purchase online. Somewhere in the article body I would answer the tile question with, ” Like it or not, many are still cautious of buying on the web. A Boston Consulting Group Consumer Survey found that 70% of respondents worry about making purchases online.” 5. Make a big promise in your article title, “How to Increase Sales 300% by Using Article Marketing.” People will click away from hype and never come back. But if you have a big gun promise, don’t be afraid to use it. Consider carefully and use sparingly; then make your big promise and deliver. People will remember your promises and come back for more or purchase. Don’t forget to include the specific delivery or ‘how to’ inside your big promise titled article. 6. Perplex your readers with a confusing article title, “Eat the Website Elephant One Byte at a Time.” Develop curiosity into your title. A seemingly opposite simile works like a magic pill. Use this one cautiously. Even so, sometimes the title that doesn’t make a lot of sense will pull your audience in for the read. Would the title above arouse your curiosity? The confusing title can capture the attention of your audience just to see what it’s about. 7. Offer a top benefit in the article’s title, “7 Top Niches to Bring You Riches.” A sizzling article title immediately communicates the benefit readers will gain after reading your article. Benefit-oriented articles often use the problem-solution approach. Master (A) this skill or technique and get (B) this benefit. Readers read self help articles to receive a “benefit.” They are looking for something that will help them, grow them, profit more, less expense, less trouble, gain more time, less stress, better relationships, better health, less drama, less trauma, more energy and vitality and less fatigue.

If you don’t use the tips above, your article titles may never grab the attention your articles need to be well read. Write an article title that grabs your reader’s attention and make them read your important message. So go ahead, title your articles well and become well read!



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