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Refillable Bamboo Notebooks by VEN Class on Kickstarter

I have a love hate relationship with Kickstarter when it comes to pens and notebooks.  Sometimes there is just overkill on certain products, or there are certain products that really don’t seem to have any reason to exist.  These refillable bamboo notebooks by VEN Class though just look really amazing.  The natural bamboo and the intricate laser cut latticework on the binding to make them flexible looks amazing. You can see more on Kickstarter here.

The video above shows the laser cutting process used to make the covers on these VEN Class Bamboo Refillable notebooks.  Its actually rather soothing to watch the clean lines of the laser cleanly slice through the bamboo to bring this notebook to life.

My only concern is that the description says the notebooks are refillable and can be replaced with your favorite A5 size notepad if you don’t want to buy their standard refills. I had to dig into the comments on the Kickstarter page to find out how notepads are attached, and the explanation is that there are Chicago Screws used, which I had to Google.  I have a feeling that there is a certain amount of hacking to your own favorite notebook would have to be done in order to use it with this bamboo cover.  I wish they had some pictures, but because I didn’t back this (yet) I can’t ask questions on the campaign page.

It looks like the campaign has reached its funding goal, so they will be produced.  Its worth noting that this was the second shot at these as the first attempt didn’t succeed.  I was surprised to see that with only 7 days left, these don’t have more backers, although they have hit almost 300% of the funding goal.  Again, check it out for yourself here on Kickstarter, and if you do fund these refillable bamboo notebooks, make sure to ask about a picture of the screws. 🙂

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