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Rekonect Magnetic Notebook

Here is another Kickstarter project that recently caught my eye, although I’m not quite sold on this one yet because it seems a little too good to be true after watching the video below.  The Rekonect Magnetic Notebook (via Kickstarter) has removable pages that can be reinserted and its all controlled via magnetic materials.

Watching the video for the Rekonect Magnetic Notebook on Kickstarter has me pretty hopeful that this works as shown, but I just have a hard time believing that the removal and insertion of the pages goes as smoothly and perfectly as depicted.  I’ve played with magnets a lot and seeing how perfectly these pages slide and snap into place just doesn’t seem realistic, maybe not without a lot of practice using the notebook at least. I’m hopeful that I’m proven wrong though because they look really awesome and I’d love it if this functionality works so smoothly.

Here is a quick look at the dimensions for the Rekonect Magnetic Notebook, and you will also notice that the paper is 98gsm and in some of the other pictures they use on the Kickstarter campaign, they show a fountain pen.  If these are magnetic AND fountain pen friendly that would be awesome.

Besides being able to reorganize your notes or sketches due to the magnetic binding, its also easy to swap out the type of paper you are using.  It all has a proprietary magnetic ink on the left edge, and it comes in blank, graph, dotted, and ruled markings.  One other feature is that because the spine is magnetized, it will also act as a pen holder for any pen with a metal clip.  Definitely check out the Rekonect Magnetic Notebook (via Kickstarter) and watch that video to think about it for yourself.  I haven’t backed this one yet myself, but I’m thinking I probably will.

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