Relationship Problems During Pregnancy

Relationship problems during pregnancy can make an exciting, happy time frustrating and stressful. This is true whether the problems are due to pregnancy issues, or whether the relationship is already troubled. It is important to resolve them as much as possible, to ensure the best health for both mother and child.

When the husband does not understand the changes which occur during pregnancy, it can lead to unnecessary arguments, stress, and miscommunication between both spouses. The hormonal changes are one example. While the woman who is generally even-tempered, with a pleasant disposition, can experience moodiness and mood swings, this is often more prominent in women who suffer from PMS on a regular basis. If he realizes that the hormonal fluctuations during pregnancy are the cause of this, and that neither he nor she has done anything wrong, a bit of compassion can go a long way in preventing arguments and other problems.

The physical changes during pregnancy can also lead to relationship problems. From the woman’s sudden need for more sleep, to morning sickness, she may simply not be as receptive as when she is not pregnant. If she tires easily, develops hemorrhoids, and finds it difficult to adjust her eating habits, stress can occur within the relationship.

If relationship problems already exist, pregnancy can make them worse. The couple who has not been getting along well prior to the pregnancy may both find these changes to intensify the problems. From the physical and emotional changes, to the woman’s focus on her condition, to financial and other concerns about the new baby, the couple may be more prone to arguing and fighting than they were before.

This, in turn, creates health risks. While pregnancy is a natural state for the average, healthy woman, consistent tension and friction can undermine her health and the unborn child’s as well. The bodily changes which occur during fighting, fearfulness, and depression can affect both the mother and the child. If the relationship problems are serious enough, it can result in a rise in blood pressure, going into labor prematurely, and other serious problems.

While it should be obvious, relationship problems which include violence endanger both the mother and her unborn child. Even the most minor acts of physical violence should never be tolerated. No matter how much a woman may wish to hold onto a troubled marriage, putting herself and her unborn child at risk is never the answer. In these instances, seeking assistance is essential.

Problems occur in any relationship. Whether they are ongoing problems, or have only begun during the pregnancy, this is not the time to turn the couple’s lives or the home environment into a war zone. Although pregnancy is a natural condition, the less stress and tension the woman experiences the safer and healthier the pregnancy and birth will be. If the relationship problems are affecting the couple’s everyday lives, it is advisable to seek some outside assistance. Pregnancy and childbirth should be a positive experience for everyone concerned.


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