Remedies for a Stuffy Nose


Authored by Deanna Proach in Diseases 
Published on 06-12-2009

Having a stuffy nose can be very annoying and irritating. A severely stuffy nose can even make it hard for people to breath. Most often a stuffy nose can be cured without having to see a doctor or without having to take prescription drugs. There are home remedies for stuffy noses that work just as well as prescription drugs, if not better.

There are several remedies you can use to cure your stuffy nose. At the onslaught of a head cold, reduce your intake of wheat and dairy products as these foods build mucus. Increase your intake of Vitamin C, Zinc, Oregano Oil and Echinacea. These natural vitamin supplements will build your body’s immune system and help it recover from the cold. It is also important to drink lots of water. Good hydration will also help you heal from the cold much quicker.

When sleeping, keep your head elevated. This will not only help you sleep better, it will help prevent the build up of mucus. Never sniffle. Sniffling will suck the mucus into your lungs which could cause an infection later on. It will also prolong your cold. When your nose starts to run, always carry Kleenex or other soft tissue with you at all times. You will need to blow your nose quite frequently.

Hot liquids do help cure a stuffy nose. Hot chicken soup, vegetable stock, herbal teas and other hot liquids are good to drink when you are suffering from a head cold. The heat and steam that come from these liquids soften the hardened mucus. Eating spicy foods, sniffing onions or strong smelling substances like Vic’s Vapour Rub will also clear your nose and get the mucus to run.

Steam is another great remedy that can be used to treat a stuffy nose. Standing in a hot shower or sitting in a hot steam room will help liquidate the mucus in your nose. A better way to treat a stuffy nose with steam is to fill a bowl with hot water and mix it with either eucalyptus, oregano, orange or mint oil. Crouch over the bowl and deeply breathe in the aromatic steam that emanates from the hot liquid in the bowl.

If your nose is severely stuffed than an alternative treatment you might want to consider using is the neti pot treatment. A neti pot looks much like a small teapot, only it has a long spout that is designed to go up your nostril. The best way to use the neti pot is to fill it with warm water and gently pour the liquid into the nose. The warm water will loosen the mucus and cause it to run. A neti pot is also good to use for stuffy and clogged sinuses because, if used properly, it will pour water all the way through the sinus passages and clear up all the mucus.

All of these home remedies have proven time and time again to heal head colds. While it may take some time for the cold to heal, using these natural home remedies will help you build a stronger and healthier body.


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