Remedies for Cats Peeing on Furniture


Authored by Jenny Mango in Cats
Published on 02-17-2009

If your cat has suddenly started peeing on the furniture, you may be frustrated and wonder what you can do to prevent this from happening again. Cats often pee on furniture for several reasons. One reason could be an untreated medical problem such as a bladder infection. In this case, the cat cannot control when or where they urinate. Another reason that cats pee on furniture is because they are unhappy with a change and are trying to let you know. If you have gotten another pet or changed your cat’s litter, they may be urinating on the furniture to show you their displeasure. Regardless of the reason, cats urinating on your furniture can cause an unpleasant odor and can ruin your furniture fabric. Use these remedies for cats peeing on furniture to reduce the problem.

Get a Complete Vet Check

Since your cat could have a medical problem that is causing it to urinate on the furniture, you should take it to the vet for a complete medical checkup. Your vet may be able to diagnose conditions such as diabetes and urinary tract infections that could cause your cat to urinate outside of its litter box. If this is the case, your vet may recommend medication or other treatments to remedy the problem. This is one of the easiest remedies for cats peering on furniture.

Provide Litter Re-Training

If your cat is peeing outside the litter box, one of the remedies for cats peeing on furniture could be litter box re-training. This is a way to remind your cat that it needs to use the litter box. In order to accomplish this training, your cat should be left in a tiled room with nothing but food, water, and a litter pan. Do not let it roam around your house unsupervised until it has stopped urinating on the furniture. Once your cat has been retrained successfully, you may be able to let it in other rooms of the house, first with supervision and then unsupervised.

Try Repellent Sprays

Your cat may be urinating on the furniture because it smells like another cat or has a fabric that the cat wants to mark as its own. In order to cut down on this behavior, one of the remedies for cats peeing on furniture is the use of repellent sprays. You can spray your furniture with one of these sprays and the scent will keep your cat away from the furniture. This is a good way to prevent your cat from urinating on as well as scratching your furniture.

Clean the Litter Box More Frequently

Some cats will not use their litter boxes if they are not scooped out at least once per day. One of the remedies for cats peeing on furniture could be to clean your litter box more frequently or add another litter box to your home to keep from having to clean one so often. If your cat feels comfortable using the litter box, it will reduce the chances that it will unrinate on your furniture.


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