Remedies for Dry Skin


Authored by H. Clare Callow in Skin Care
Published on 09-10-2009

Dry skin can be painful, unsightly and frustrating. The frustrating element is often because it seems to have no cause, and it can be difficult to find a remedy. Many sufferers of dry skin have only found relief after trying a number and a mix of remedies.

Here are some of the more common home remedies:

  • Massaging affected areas with almond or olive oil
  • Avocadoes and avocado oil may be good for dry skin
  • Grapeseed oil, applied to the skin or taken in capsule form, may prove effective
  • Some recommend applying rose water to the skin as a dry skin remedy
  • Aloe vera can provide temporary relief for some dry skin problems
  • Honey, particularly manuka honey, is known to be good for skin problems
  • Oat milk (oats soaked in water) has been used for centuries to perfect the female complexion
  • Eating oily fish
  • Other home remedies suggested can include mashed banana, lime juice, peanut paste and milk, although it should be noted that none of these are mentioned in the more popular remedy recipes.

Cleansing dry skin can be a nightmare. Dry skin still needs cleansing, just as much as oily skin does. Although it might seem illogical, soaking your face in warm water can help stimulate natural oil production. Many people find that the water in their area contains elements that can further dry out the skin. In these cases, using bottled mineral water may help. Too much water can cause problems with your skin, so be gentle and don’t overdo it.

If your skin reacts badly to a regular shower, try a sponge bath using a small amount of baking soda or corn flour in the water. This may prove less traumatic to your already traumatised skin. Hot water draws out the oils in your skin, which means that they can be washed away if you have a hot shower. Try a luke-warm one instead.

Moisturise your skin with the most basic moisturisers available. This means avoiding moisturisers containing perfume or chemicals you don’t recognise. A basic sorbolene moisturiser may be good, although some trial and error may be involved before you find the right one. Moisturising while you are still wet from bathing can help lock in moisture.

Regular exercise can be good for skin problems as it encourages blood flow to provide nourishment for the skin. A well-balanced diet is also a good idea when you’re experiencing skin problems. If you have a dry skin problem, it is a good idea to avoid alcohol and caffeine as these can further dry out your skin.

Dry skin is sometimes caused by your environment. If you are suffering from dry skin, it is worthwhile looking at any cleaning products you have come into contact with and eliminating your contact with harsh chemicals. Some cosmetic products can be particularly harsh on the skin, even when they claim to help skin problems.

It should go without saying that any dry skin remedy applied to the skin should be tested on a small area of only slightly affected skin. Any changes in diet should be discussed with your doctor first. Not all remedies will work for all people, and some may cause adverse or allergic reaction.


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