Remedies for Gallbladder Pain


Authored by Donna Johnson in Diseases 
Published on 10-23-2009

Anyone who has experienced gallbladder pain will likely tell you it was one of the worst types of pain that they have ever had. While gallbladder pain can be quite serious, there are many remedies that you can try to ease your gallbladder pain.

Gallbladder pain, frequently referred to as “gallbladder attacks” is caused when gallstones form. Gallstones are most commonly formed when you have an excessive amount of cholesterol in your diet. Gallstones may be completely asymptomatic; that is, you may not even know that you have them. Gallstones typically don’t cause pain unless they migrate out of the gallbladder and into the bile duct.

The easiest remedy for gallbladder pain is to avoid it through lifestyle changes. If you are overweight, you should try to get down to a healthy weight, as gallbladder pain is far more likely to occur in overweight individuals. Don’t try to drop the weight too quickly, though, because doing so is not only unhealthy but can also bring on gallbladder attacks. Eating a proper, balanced, healthy diet every day can also reduce your risk of having an attack. You should not cut fat completely out of your diet, as your body and gallbladder do need some fat. Try to cut back on your fat intake as much as possible, though.

In addition to modifying your diet to be more healthy overall, there are some foods you can add to your diet that will further reduce your chances of having gallbladder pain. Eating vegetables, especially red bell peppers, and lentils, like beans, will reduce gallstone formation. Salmon or other fish high in omega-3 acids have also been found to reduce gallstone formation, as have high-fiber foods such as cereals and grains. Certain beverages can also help prevent gallbladder pain when taken in moderation. Coffee and wine are the best beverages for this purpose, but don’t go overboard with them.

If home remedies don’t work to stop or lessen your gallbladder pain, your doctor may prescribe medications to help. If the medications don’t help either, your doctor may suggest that you have your gallbladder removed. This is a rather common procedure that will solve your problems.

No matter what type of remedy you choose to relieve your gallbladder pain, you should always consult with your doctor first. You will first need to be examined to make sure that the pain you are experiencing is in fact caused by your gallbladder and not another, possibly more serious, condition. Once you have been diagnosed with gallstones or gallbladder pain, discuss the home remedies you’d like to try with your doctor before trying them. Like any other condition, there are many home remedies for gallbladder pain. But some of them can actually make gallstones or the associated pain worse. Your doctor can advise you as to which remedies are safe and which remedies should be avoided at all costs. With a little discipline on your part and help from your doctor, you can find relief from your gallbladder pain and live much more comfortably.


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