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Remote DBA The Most Responsive & Reliable DBA Solution

  • By Kashif Mukhtar
  • Published 11/15/2011
  • Writing for the Web

A properly maintained Database Management System renders significant time savings, storage space savings, increased information availability, and the ability to accurately update information, all of which contribute to a substantial increase in human productivity. The quality of a company’s database management is one of the most important means to achieve a competitive advantage.

There are many reasons companies turn to remote database administration, but there are five key factors, according to Bluewolf.

  • Acquired a new company and its database environment; you don’t have the right skill set to support the new environment in house.
  • Lost IT headcount
  • Redeployed staff to more strategic projects
  • Need to cut IT costs
  • Require higher levels and support and availability

Bluewolf is a leading remote DBA service provider, and has a proven methodology for providing high-end remote database administration support for a contractually set price, allowing for more granular and effective financial planning for future IT expenditures. Bluewolf Remote DBA offers 24×7 remote DBA support for Oracle, Microsoft SQL, MySQL, Sybase and PostgreSQL. It allows companies to compete in today’s demanding business environment, maintain institutional integrity and reduce system vulnerability by depending on its best-in-class remote DBAs. Some of the unique advantages offered by Bluewolf are:

  • 24×7 remote database support
  • Seasoned, full-time remote DBAs
  • All on-shore administrators
  • 400+ years combined administration experience
  • Best-of-breed third party monitoring tools and analytics, as well as case tracking and regular proactive system assessments
  • Personalized process for each remote DBA customer
  • 200+ employees
  • 15 awards for innovation and customer service
  • Fixed-monthly cost
  • Unique Bluewolf culture: innovative, entrepreneurial, unafraid
  • Celebrating a Decade of Success as leading remote DBA provider in the US

Professional remote DBA solutions like Bluewolf Remote DBA not only substantially reduce enterprise database management costs, but also increase database reliability in a more agile and scalable manner than traditional in-house methods.
by Kashif Mukhtar


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