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Removal and remediation of mould

Mould in homes in Toronto are susceptible to mould, particularly basements and attics. Conditions where there is excess condensation and dampness, dark corners and water leaks are ideal for the growth of mould. As mould grows, it produces bacterially-infected spores which are airborne and can spread throughout your home causing damage to the health of your family, friends and animals, such as allergies, skin, eye, nose and throat irritation, and can even lead to more serious respiratory conditions like asthma.

At Mold Busters, our trained inspectors are able to carry out full house inspections for mould using sensitive, sophisticated equipment including thermal imaging and infrared cameras which can detect mould through solid services, like walls and ceilings. This method provides a non-invasive yet thorough way of identifying areas within the property where mould is growing. Thermal imaging is also able to detect areas where there is a significant difference in temperatures, water leaks or dampness, helping to find places where mould may potentially grow.

A lot of houses in Canada were former ‘grow-op’ properties, i.e. properties that were formerly used to grow and cultivate marijuana in conditions of high humidity, which presented ideal conditions for the growth of toxic black mould. Usually, if a house has been a former grow-op house, it has to be declared to the authorities. If your property is one of these, it is vital that you call in the professionals to get the property tested and all the mould discovered. At Mold Busters, our technicians are experienced in dealing with former grow-op houses, carrying out mould removal and remediation in toronto to remove all mould, including dangerous black toxic mould, both seen and unseen, from the house so that the environment is safe to breathe.

At Mold Busters, our team of air quality inspectors are highly trained and experienced at carrying out air quality tests, asbestos tests and mould tests. They understand the different types of air pollutants, irritants and mould that can be found in buildings, including white mould and black mould which is highly toxic and very damaging to anyone’s health.

Because mould is hazardous to your health, it is important that you call in the professionals rather than dealing with the problem yourself. At Mold Busters, we are experienced at removing the mould from the building and then killing any remaining mould. Mould attacks and grows on any porous materials with which it comes into contact; these materials, including fabrics, carpets, curtains, clothes, etc. will also have to be removed and destroyed so that there is no chance of any mould being left behind.

About the Author: Mold busters are the famous name in Canada for their quality work. Contact them for mold inspection in Toronto and mold remediation in Toronto!!


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