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Reporter Style Notebook Live Inspired Notebook


Live Inspired Reporter Style Hard Cover Notebook

This Live Inspired Reporter Style Hard Cover Notebook was sent to me by Cheryl from the site Writers Bloc, which carries a great selection of stationery products and I’ve been a happy customer of theirs in the past.  I have not done a ton of reviews of reporter style notebooks, so I thought this would be a nice change of pace.


Live Inspired Reporter Style Hard Cover Notebook with Quote Showing

This particular reporter style notebook has a hard cover with book style binding, and also has an elastic strap closure at the bottom to keep things securely fastened.  The cover has a simple but very attractive design with a black on gray pattern and turquoise accents with the printing and elastic closure.  One of the more interesting things I noticed about this notebook is that when you have the elastic enclosure in its place it actually covers up part of the text on the front cover, which I think was intentional.  The center of the cover simply reads “ideas” while below it under the elastic it also says “can change the world.”


Live Inspired Reporter Style Hard Cover Notebook Quote Page

Another unique feature on this Live Inspired notebook is that on about every 4th sheet, it has a random inspirational quote from someone, including one of the most prolific authors of our time, that guy “unknown.”  I also like the fact that the rulings and the text for the quotes is in a nice light turquoise color that sets it off nicely from the paper, but at the same time is not too much of a dark on light contrast that is distracting.  At the moment I’ve got some sort of technical glitch that is not allowing me to upload a scanned picture for the writing sample (although I am obviously able to upload images) so you will have to take my word on this for now, but writing on this paper with fountain pens, sharpie pens, gel ink pens, and ballpoint pens all went well, however the dry time for most of these was a bit longer, which leads me to believe that it is not an optimal alternative for left handed writers.

My only real issue with this Live Inspired notebook came down to personal style and preference.  Typically when I use a reporter style notebook, I like to be able to flip the cover over and around completely.  In the case of this particular notebook it is not possible to do so because of the hard book style binding, so you simply cant do it without ruining the binding.  Overall though, I found the Live Inspired Reporter Style Hard Cover Notebook from Writers Bloc to be a very nice little notebook that has a lot of character, without being flashy or  gaudy about it.

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