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Retractable Low Odor Dry Erase Markers by Expo


Expo Dry Erase Retractable Markers

Ever-since I reviewed the regular chisel tip Expo retractable and low odor dry erase markers, I have been meaning to try out the skinnier fine point version.   It has been over a year since I reviewed those, so with my last order from Amazon, I grabbed the fine point retractables and have been using them for a little while now.

The bodies on this version of the retractable low odor dry erase markers have a grooved and teardrop shaped set of lines that circle the lower grip section of the marker, and the plunger on the top remind me of the retractable Sharpie pens and markers.  They are pretty comfortable to write with, although I am much more accustomed to the more chunky style of a dry erase marker so it takes a little bit of getting used to writing with because I feel like I am writing with a normal sized pen when using these.  One thing that the body lacks is any sort of clip or anything else that totally prevents the marker from rolling away.


Expo Dry Erase Low Odor Retractale Writing Sample

The writing sample above was done on my Bamboo Dry Erase Entry Butler from 3 by 3 Seattle, so because of the bamboo color it is a bit harder to see the last color up there, which is orange.  The fine tips on these are “fine” in a relative sense, only if compared to thicker chisel tipped markers.  Just don’t read the “fine point” in the description and think you will be able to draw up super detailed diagrams as if they were the same tip size as a Sharpie Pen.  Expo is dead on though when they call these retractable low odor dry erase markers because they really do not give off that tell-tale stink that many other dry erase markers do.  I had to actually get up close and give a good sniff before I could get a hint of the smell.  Keep in mind that I don’t recommend sniffing your markers.

In addition to writing well, it is also important to note that these retractable low odor dry erase markers erase well too.  I’ve used some dry erase markers that tend to leave behind little flecks of color when you erase, and these definitely do not do that.  These are a nice little option to have on hand for when you need something a bit more precise than your standard thicker tipped dry erase marker, and the fact that they are low odor is a great additional benefit.  Grab a set of Expo retractable and low odor dry erase markers for yourself to see.

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