Revamping Your Wardrobe on a Tight Budget


Authored by Jackie Acosta in Clothing
Published on 12-11-2008

Do you feel like you’ve got nothing to wear most of the time because you’re bored with your clothes? Does a shopping trip sound like a perfect solution for your wardrobe woes, except that your wallet won’t allow it? Fear not—there are a million ways you can get yourself a new look without having to break the bank.

First, bring out all the clothes you don’t wear anymore or haven’t worn for at least six months and most likely wouldn’t wear again. Segregate them into two piles—keep or donate. Put the clothes you would like to keep in one pile and those you would like to give to charity in another. This will de-clutter your space and give you a clearer picture of what you already have in your wardrobe.

Most of the clothes we opt to keep are those that have sentimental value, but would probably lack the fashion sense we want. Give your old clothes a facelift by reconstructing or updating them: old t-shirts can be resized or cut into new styles, skirts can be hemmed to update their looks, or breathe new life into plain boring dresses by adding new details like stitching or bead and sequins. Even accessories can be reinvented to spice up your wardrobe: long necklaces can double as chain belts, or old scarves can be worn as fashionable headbands. The only limit here is your imagination.

If you feel like you’re not the creative type or do not have the time to rework your old clothes, arrange a clothes swap with your girlfriends. A clothes swap is when you trade your clothes for other people’s clothes—you end up with a “new” wardrobe without putting out any cash!

Ask your friends to round up clothes and accessories that they do not wear anymore but still in good condition. To make the swap more fun, turn it into a party—prepare invitations telling them when, where and what to bring to the swap, have drinks and snacks on hand, and blast your favorite tunes. Give everyone a place to put down clothes for swap and start the bargaining! Remember to also be fair in the clothes swap. Do not bring ratty or shoddy clothing that is not wearable anymore. If you want to bring home a lot of clothes, be sure you are also bringing a lot to give away.

Lastly, if you don’t have the time for both swapping and sewing, you can be resourceful and look for things around your home to spice up your outfits. Ask permission to raid your sister’s, mom’s, or daughter’s closet to look for accessories or items you can borrow for a new look. Remember to return them in good condition, and also be willing to lend them your own clothes as well.

You don’t need to break the bank to get a new look or a wardrobe makeover. With a little ingenuity, creativity, self-confidence, and a sense of style, you can give yourself a new look without having to declare bankruptcy!


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