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Reviews of notebooks with book style binding


The Moleskine Professional Series Project Planning Notebook is a brand new offering from the folks at Moleskine so I figured I’d have to pick one up and give it a look. … [Read more…]


The other day I got a very nice surprise in the mail from my friend Tom over at Goldspot.  He has his own side project going on and developed these awesome pocket journals called the InkJournal which are designed specifically for testing and comparing different inks. … [Read more…]


Going through my recent move, I came to realize that I have WAY too many unused notebooks and pens.  I actually have so many that I don’t even remember getting some of them, like this nice little METAPHYS blanc pocket notebook.  Coming to this realization I’ve decided that I want to try and do a few more giveaways, including this one. … [Read more…]


A few months ago the new Limited Edition LEGO Moleskine Notebooks appeared on Amazon, and much like the other (Snoopy, PacMan, and Star Wars) limited edition Moleskine notebooks, I couldn’t resist ordering a few for myself. … [Read more…]


This tiny little Midori Memorandum Card Notebook from JetPens is something I picked up a while ago that I’m just now getting around to reviewing, but I’m still impressed by its size.  When I ordered it online I read the measurements of how big it was (2.33″ x 3.33″) but it really didn’t sink in how small that was until I had it in my hands. … [Read more…]


I feel like I’m cheating a little bit with this post, and I hate that, but I didn’t see this I Hate Everything Journal until AFTER I bought the I Hate Everything Page a Day Calendar a few weeks ago.  Since I loved (and still do) the calendar so much I wanted to share the journal with you as well, which is much more interactive and surprisingly fun….for something so full of hate. … [Read more…]


Sometimes I ask myself “Self, why do you bother with Moleskine paper?” and I usually don’t have an answer for myself.  Today that changes with this review of the Moleskine Folio Ruled Pad, the answer is “Because sometimes it is actually good” which I’m shocked to watch myself type. … [Read more…]


This fantastic looking Pelle Leather Journal was recently sent over to me for review by Brad (thanks!) from Jetpens.  The picture above shows the journal open with one of the replaceable notebooks inside, but you can’t see the orange elastic closure that wraps around the entire thing to keep it closed. … [Read more…]


I typically steer clear of doing reviews of what I consider to be more “gimmicky” types of products, but it was hard to pass up a chance to take a look at this cow poop notebook.  Before I get started, I’ll just state what is hopefully obvious, but the notebook itself is clean and does not actually smell like cow poop. … [Read more…]


  This Live Inspired Reporter Style Hard Cover Notebook was sent to me by Cheryl from the site Writers Bloc, which carries a great selection of stationery products and I’ve been a happy customer of theirs in the past.  I have not done a ton of reviews of reporter style notebooks, so I thought this would be a nice change of pace. … [Read more…]


This is definitely the biggest giveaway I’ve done here, we are giving away a total of 12 Limited Edition Star Wars Moleskine Journals to 6 lucky winners! Based on how popular the Pac Man Moleskine giveaway was, I thought this would be something that people were really interested in, and I wanted to do something to give back to all of the great readers that make this site possible.  Check out the review first, and then read below to see how you can enter to … [Read more…]


Back in May at the National Stationery Show, I got an early peek at the new Rhodia Unlimited notebooks with their Soft Touch cover and sturdy elastic closure.  On the surface, these looked really cool, but as soon as Karen from Exaclair handed me one I was impressed by the awesome smooth feeling of the cover.  The best way to describe the feel of the Soft Touch cover is to compare it to a sheet of silicone that was lightly dusted with a fine baby powder. … [Read more…]


After yesterday’s post about the top selling notebooks on Amazon, I thought I should follow up today with a post sharing a pretty cool new notebook that I think should end up as a top seller one day.  I first saw these new Whitelines Flexo notebooks at the National Stationery Show earlier this year.  Wen they finally became available on Amazon I grabbed a few to do this review. … [Read more…]


Tom from Hide Stationery recently sent over a few review and giveaway samples of these great looking Monsieur Notebooks that are made with vegetable tanned leather covers and hand made in India.  Check out the review, and then read the rules below `to see how you can enter to win two of your very own. … [Read more…]

This Xonex ru A6 Blank Journal was something that I stumbled across on Amazon recently, and since I had never heard of it before I figured I needed to try one out.  They come in a variety of uniquely named colors, the one shown here that I am reviewing is the Avocado version. … [Read more…]


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