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Revolver Bound Journal Available Now!

Back in June I did a review of the RevolveR Bound Journal, which is a really cool notebook that I discovered at the National Stationery Show in May.  I just heard from the very friendly folks that created this unique notebook (and that gave me a free one to review) that it is  now available online at their website, and can also be found at some small gift shops across the country such as the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago and the Walker Arts Center in Minneapolis.

If you missed the review, you should really check it out because this is one of the more unique notebooks I’ve ever seen…plus these are some very friendly people behind the RevolveR journal, so you can feel good about giving them your business should you decide to pick one up.

Also, on an unrelated note, if you have sent an email to me recently, and you didnt hear back from me, I’ve been working through an email issue with my hosting company.  It seems that many of my sent emails are not being received.  I do my best to respond to every email, so if you sent me one and never heard back, please let me know and Ill send a response from my personal email while I wait to get the site issue ironed out.

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