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Rhodia Ice 80th Anniversary Notepad Review


Rhodia Ice bloc Notepad Front

Back in May of this year when we reported on the National Stationery Show, one of the items we highlighted were the new limited edition 80th anniversary Rhodia Ice notepads.  Lucky for us, our good friends from Exaclair (distributor of Rhodia products) were kind enough to send us a sample of one of the new notepads.


Rhodia Ice bloc Notepad Top

I think one of my favorite things about the Rhodia Ice notepads are the way that the silver Rhodia tree logo looks on the semi-glossy white cover.  It looks like they basically winterized the traditional black and orange Rhodia logo, and the trees now look snow covered.


Rhodia Ice Fold Over

You will notice that just like all of the regular Rhodia bloc notepads, this one has ridges across the front cover that make it easier to fold over.


Rhodia Ice Writing Sample 80g Paper

Besides the cover of the Rhodia Ice being different from the usual Rhodia notepad, the paper has light grey lines instead of the traditional light purple that most of their other notepads have.  The 80g paper with its microperforated tops is great for use with fountain pens and the bright white color really helps to pop highlight the color of whatever ink you are using.


Rhodia Ice Notepad with Stainless Steel Ice Cubes

It was hard to photograph the cover of these in a way that would do them justice because they really do look awesome in person.  With that said, I tried to jazz up the picture a bit by including some of my stainless steel frozen ice cubes because they just seem like the perfect visual and literal compliment to the design of this notepad.  At the moment, one of the only retailers I can find this in stock at is over at Goulet Pens, so check them out if you are interested, they definitely look better than my hardly even amateur status photography skills can capture.

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