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Rhodia Mouse Pad Note Pad Review Office Supply Geek


Rhodia Mouse Pad Note Pad

The Rhodia Mouse Pad Note Pad is an item that I’ve probably meant to add to just about every Amazon order I’ve ever placed for the last two years, but somehow I kept forgetting.  I finally remembered to grab it for myself and I’m pretty pleased that I did.  Note that on the top of the cover page the staples on top are just images, this doesn’t actually have any staples on it.  The pages are held together with glued edges.


Rhodia Mouse Pad Note Pad Grid

At 7.5 inches by 9 inches, the Rhodia Mouse Pad Note Pad is a pretty good size for most computer users.  For avid fountain pen users you will want to note that  the 30 sheets of 80g paper hold up well to fountain pen use.  I didn’t experience bleeding, feathering, or show through with my fountain pens on this paper.  If you check out the reviews, you will see that for some reason a few folks have had issues with this working with their mouse, but I was not able to find any consistent patterns with those complaints.  I was using mine just fine though with a simple $10 no frills optical mouse.


Rhodia Mouse Pad Note Pad Back

At first when I saw the back of the Rhodia Mouse Pad Note Pad I was a little worried that the cardboard back might be slippery and move around my desk when I was using it.  To my surprise, when I first felt the cardboard backing I noticed it was just a slight bit tacky, which gave it great grip on the smooth surface of my desk.


Rhodia Mouse Pad Note Pad Edge Glue

My only minor beef with the Rhodia Mouse Pad Note Pad has to do with the positioning of the glue that holds it together.  I tried to get a picture of the ridge of the glue here , so feel free to click and take a look at the bigger picture.  Its not great but you can kind of see it.  Having the ridge of glue there wasn’t the end of the world, but every once in a while it would rub against my wrist in a way that made it feel slightly rough.  The funny part about that minor issue though is that at the end of the day it makes it a better product.  The result of having the glue edge rubbing against my wrist was that I turned the Rhodia Mouse Pad Notepad upside down to put the glue edge at top which also put the Rhodia logo across the bottom.  I found it better to have the logo on the bottom because I didn’t really write in that area, and I’d rather have more white space up top.


Rhodia Mouse Pad Note Pad Writing Sample

I’ve actually put quite a few miles on this Rhodia mouse pad note pad in the short period of time I’ve had it.  It couldn’t be more convenient for  jotting down quick notes, reminders, and to-do lists that I would normally have to break out an entire notebook for.  In addition to just being super convenient, I think it also just looks pretty cool and unique too.  Grab a Rhodia Mouse Pad Note Pad for yourself and you too can be more efficient and have a better looking desk.

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