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Rhodia Staplebound Pocket Notebook

Many of you are familiar with the great quality 80g bright white paper found in many Rhodia products, so finding it in this little pocket notebook made my day.  I’m sure I probably just missed that these have been available, or forgot, but when I saw this little sucker here on Amazon I had to grab one.

This little Rhodia pocket notebook measures about 3″ x 4.75 inches and has 24 pages of 80g acid free Ph neutral paper.  The front and back covers are a nice bright orange and also happen to be waterproof.  If the actual measurements don’t mean anything to you, there are some real life examples I can give that highlight how small this is.  Personally I love that it fits in the back pocket of my jeans or the front pocket of one of my dress shirts.  There are a ton of small pocket notebooks out there, but very few have the same high quality and fountain pen friendly paper as the Rhodia version.

Rhodia Staplebound Pocket Notebook Writing Sample:

In the above picture you can see how the Rhodia Pocket Notebook handles writing with a Sharpie pen.  And to keep things simple, it handles it very well.  No spreading and no feathering, and there was also no show through with these pens.

Just like any other Rhodia paper, we know what to expect here.  Great performance with even some more inky pens like a medium nibbed fountain pen, and a Pilot Precise V5.  You can se that none of the ink on these pens spreads or feathers.  I can also tell you that when writing with them, the tips and nibs just glided so smoothly over the paper.  There really isn’t anything bad to be said about these Pocket sized Rhodia Notebooks.  The paper quality is amazing, the covers are waterproof, and they are the perfect size to fit in your shirt pocket or jeans.  There really is no reason not to have at least one of these on hand at all times.  Grab yours here on Amazon.

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