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Rice Recipes

  • By Francesca Rilotelli
  • Published 08/1/2012

Rice is a staple in the diets of many countries. However, coming up with rice recipes can be a challenge. You may have eaten white rice as a child, then white rice as a teenager, and then more white rice as an adult. What else could you possible do other than eat white rice? The options are many; you could have a different form of rice and not even realize it is rice.

For a little variety, experiment with paella or risotto. While they both sound exotic, they are easily found at your market, and can be prepared in lieu of traditional white rice. The texture of each is similar to rice, but the subtle difference in taste will allow the true flavours of your recipes to shine.

Paella is a broad term for rice mixed with other ingredients forming the main dish for a meal. Depending upon the location, paella may include fresh seafood and vegetables, or it may contain rabbit and green vegetables. The ingredients are mixed with saffron and olive oil for a consistency which is moister than traditional white or brown rice. Numerous recipes are available for those unfamiliar with the end results, but once the concept is understood, paella can easily be converted to accommodate the taste of your particular culture or family preferences.

Risotto is traditionally an Italian version of rice. It is cooked in a broth until the kernels become a creamy or mushy consistency. The broth used will depend upon the recipe or the region. In waterfront areas, the broth will likely be seafood based, in landlocked areas it is likely to be meat based. Frequently, risotto is prepared with butter, onion and parmesan cheese.

A search for recipes using traditional rice, paella, or risotto will provide an endless array of rice recipes from which to select. Recipes can be narrowed down to vegetarian friendly options, recipes with seafood only, or with a combination of meat types. Most recipes will provide full instructions on the preparation of the rice. For example, is the rice to be prepared in advance, or is it the last step in a complicated procedure? Be sure to read the directions carefully, as inattention to rice can ruin a meal. In addition, cooks know if you do not carefully attend rice during the cooking process it can burn to a pan, making the pan nearly impossible to clean.

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