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Rice: The unfashionable hero of dinnertime

  • By Francesca Rilotelli
  • Published 09/12/2012

It’s easy to dismiss rice, sometimes, as a bland addition to meal times – rather there to fill the plate up instead of being the star of it. I have to say that this a little bit unfair on the grainy little blighter as the breadth of tasks it can perform during pretty much any meal is a wonder to behold. Pudding? Done. Breakfast cereal? Done. In fact, there’s pretty much nothing that good quality rice recipes can’t provide when you’re feeling a bit peckish – no matter what you fancy.

There are, by all accounts, a staggering 40,000 variations of rice used all over the world for different types of dishes. Aromatic rice is one of the major types of rice, known as a medium to long-grained rice. It is known for its nut-like aroma and taste, which is caused by the chemical compound 2-acetyl-1-pyrroline. Varieties of aromatic rice include: basmati, jasmine, Texmati, and wild pecan rice. When cooked, the grains have a light and fluffy texture – a perfect accompaniment to a delicious curry!

With so many different types out there, isn’t it about time you started experimenting a little bit more?

About the Author : Francesca Rilotelli is writing about rice recipes.



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