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Richard mille 027, the new selection of rafael nadal

  • By Edward Smith
  • Published 12/15/2010
  • Article Writing

As a big star in tennis circle, Rafael Nadal is renowned to the world people. Though Roger Federer is my soul idol, I can¡¯t deny that Rafael is also an outstanding player. For Nadal, 2010 is a year of sense, happiness and achievement. He beat Federer and became the champion in tennis world. As a king, he must find something that can perfectly match his air and personality and he chose Richard Mille 027 wristwatch. This watch is the new creation of Richard Mille. The biggest feature of RM027 Tourbillon wristwatch refers to its ultra-light case construction. It is this competitive feature that makes it become the favor of the new-born tennis king. We all know that anything weighty on the body must greatly influence the athlete. If he must find something for the match timing, the timekeeper should be light enough, causing no effect for his performance. It is surprising that the weight of the RM027 just equals to 20 paper clips. It is fantastic, isn¡¯t it? Rafael changed his destiny in 2010 French Open where he wore the new RM027 to take in the matches. It is the first time for Richard Mille watches to appear in the world of tennis court. For a luxury wristwatch that costs $525,000 is not so proper to be worn in that occasion. However, it is a special collection and it perfect popped out the king air of this champion. This version of wristwatch is produced at limited edition of 50 pieces. The watch case measures 48mm*39.7mm*11.85mm and weights under 20 grams, only 13 rams without the strap. The ultra-light case is crafted fro carbon composite. It is powered by a manual-wind movement which only weights 4 grams to ensure the precise timing and excellent performance. It is power reserved to 48 hours, available for daily use.


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