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Robotic Surgery Procedures For Women

  • By Dave Taylor
  • Published 02/10/2012
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Robotic surgery also referred to as computer assisted surgery is a new kind of surgery in which robotic systems are used to aid in surgical procedures. This is used for prostatectomy, cardiac valve repair and gynecologic surgical procedures. It helps to enhance the capabilities of surgeons who use to perform open surgery. In case of robotically assisted minimally invasive surgery the surgeon uses one of two methods to control the instruments. One is telemanipulator and the other is computer control. In telimanipulator method, a remote manipulator is used which allows the surgeon to perform the normal movements associated with the surgery while robots arms carry out those movements using manipulators and end-effectors to perform the actual surgery on the patient.In computer control method, a computer is used to control the robotic arms & its end-effectors by the surgeon and these systems can also use telemanipulators for their input. One of the main advantage of this method is that the surgeon need not to be present, they could be anywhere in the world. There are many advantages of robotics surgery including enhanced precision and reduced trauma to the patients. For example, a traditional bypass surgery requires the patients’ chest is to be broken by way of 30.48cm (1 foot) but using robots surgery, it’s possible to operate on the heart by making three or four small incisions on the chest, that too only about 1 centimeter in length.

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urgery is also helpful in reducing the fatigue that medical experts experiencing during surgeries that can last for long hours. Surgeons can become exhausted during those long surgeries and can experience hand tremors as a result. This kind of surgery can be performed having fewer personnel in the operation theater and allowing doctors to operate on a patient from remote area. One of the major benefits of this is cost as patients need not to come to doctors’ place. This results in reducing the convenient cost. Thus, it could impact on overall costing.Many people think that this kind of surgery is very expensive and middle class people can’t afford it. Although, machines & equipments used in robotic surgery is expensive but it’s one time cost; however the other factors like the surgery can be done by doctors remotely anywhere in the world and various other things, reduces the patients’ expenses especially travel expenses. They need not to go to doctors’ place for the surgical operation. Moreover, due to usage of latest and advanced equipments, operations are performed in a well organized way.

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by Dave Taylor



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