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Role of a father in a child custody case

Previously, whenever the question arose about the child custody during a divorce case, priority was always given to the mother of the child. This is because; the court always felt that it is the mother who could be considered as the ideal conservator for the child. However, in the present situation, the scenario has changed to a great extent. The US law has started considering the importance about the father’s presence in a child’s life. As a result, many fathers are nowadays able to win the guardianship of their child legally.

Plan out procedure related to the custody:-

What if you face a situation and need to apply for the custodial right for your child. Before you make an appeal to the custodial right, you need to have competent evidences that will act in favor of you. For instance, your present residential standard and the ambience in which you live; a school in which you have planned to admit your child after gaining legal guardianship; your knowledge about your child’s physical health in details; evidences related to all these factors need to be provided in front of the court while filing the lawsuit.

However, the court may even place your child in a protective agency because of the mother’s negligence or pessimistic upbringing attitude towards the child. In such situation be prepared to claim for your parenthood over your child as soon as possible. Otherwise, later on you may face trickier situations in order to win the custody in your favor.

Provide evidences if the mother is unable to proper care:-

If you hear that your child is suffering from negligence, try to collect as much evidences as possible against the mother of your child. You might even hear that your child is suffering from child abuse. You can file reports to the nearest police station about such actions and provide a copy of that report as evidence to your claim in front of the court. Such properly planned procedure can actually help you in solving this custodial case more easily for the benefit of both you as well as your child.

Role of the law in solving these cases:-

Considering all these above mentioned factors, US law, has introduced few major changes in the custodial procedure, so that the father’s right over his children doesn’t get hampered. However this law has few added clauses that differ from one state to another. For instance, father’s rights in Pennsylvania will be a bit different as compare to any other states. Hence, when you first file the lawsuit, try to know about your right and obligations that you need to follow being the father of the child.

Katy Hall is a freelance writer. She has been writing on various kinds of legal issue related to family law of US for online publications. In her recent article, she stated some useful legal advises about a father’s rights in Pennsylvania for winning the custody of his child in his favor.


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