Romantic Dates for Cold Days


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Winter-time does not prevent you from having a romantic date. To the contrary, the cold temperatures, snow and/or ice may add to the romantic feeling! In winter, the days are shorter and night already falls around four o’clock in the afternoon. Darkness creates a need to be close to someone else, to go to bed early…

Of course, a feeling of romance may be created by anything, at any time. The most common things can trigger a romantic gesture, like giving your sweetheart a flower. Generally, you must experience what works best for you and what you consider as romantic. There are no set ways to create an atmosphere of romance, but beneath are a few suggestions for things that you can do on a cold day, for a romantic date.

What is more romantic than making a long walk over the beach? In wintertime, the beach won’t be crowded like in summer and you will practically have it for yourselves. You can walk closely together, draw a heart with your names in the sand where it will remain until the tide comes in. Then return home or to your lodgings and cuddle up before the fire-place, or make love on the rug before it. You can even let this follow by dinner in a intimate restaurant.

Most of the old cities of Europe (like London, Paris, Stockholm, Saint Petersburg, Bruges to name some) are at their most beautiful in winter. Stroll through the narrow streets, have coffee or tea in one of those typical pubs, visit a museum. So much to do, and often without any cost, as lots of museums have free admission. I can also recommend taking a carriage ride through the old town centre (is done for instance in Bruges). It’s cozy and your driver will tell you about some typical buildings or monuments you’ll drive along.

For nother romantic date, you might choose one of the many Christmas Markets. Christmas already creates a special atmosphere, and being close to another being adds to it. The best Christmas Markets are to be found in Germany, in cities like Cologne and Aachen. Don’t visit when there is still daylight, as this won’t charm you a lot. Better wait until it’s nearly dark, and then go and see the little stalls with Christmas items galore and let your nose take in the great smell of Glühwein (warm red wine, mixed with spices), or hot chocolate. And don’t forget to taste some of the roasted chestnuts and other specialties.

When you don’t feel like going out, stay home and make Sunday the day for staying in bed (works best if you don’t have children yet). Bring everything you need (like food and refreshments) to the bedroom and cuddle up under the sheets. You can do whatever you want then: enjoy each other’s passion, or just be close together and watch a film on TV. Allow your fantasies to take you away and make this the best day of the week!


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