Romantic Ideas to Surprise Your Boyfriend

 Romantic surprises can break the day in and day out monotony that can accompany a relationship. If you’re looking for some romantic date ideas to surprise your boyfriend, don’t start by thinking about what you find romantic. Guys are different from girls, and for most males, a romantic event doesn’t consist of getting all dressed up and going out to dinner at an expensive five-star restaurant. It also probably doesn’t mean snuggling under a blanket while you watch the evening sunset over the beach. Instead, try to get inside your boyfriend’s head and think like a male. You’re looking for romantic ideas for him, not you. Before long, you’ll come up with some creative romantic ideas that will completely knock his socks off.

Try dropping some hints around your boyfriend. With just a little pushing, he may reveal just what he’d like. Or, ask some of your guy friends for ideas. You may be surprised at the ideas they can give you. Pay a visit to the library and read “1001 Ways to Be Romantic” by Greg Godek. Although many of his suggestions are geared toward women, he does have some good ideas for the man in your life.

Your mother was right when she said food was the way to a man’s heart, so come up with some romantic dinner ideas that he’ll love.  Plan a meat and potatoes menu, such as thick grilled steaks, loaded baked potatoes and a bottle of good wine. Start a fire in the fireplace, while he relaxes, and let him decide if he wants to grill the steaks. If he’s a good cook, he may want to show off his grilling prowess. After dinner, watch movies. But don’t choose those fuzzy-edged romantic ones. Instead, load up the DVD player with his favorite action films, complete with all the gore and aliens his heart desires.

For a fun and unusual surprise, find ways to make his day easier. Deliver a special lunch to his office, send flowers to his work to impress the women who work there and drop off a brown paper wrapped sexy gift of your choosing.

If your relationship is serious, plan an evening focused on steamy sensuality. Set the mood with candles and some sexy music, such as jazz or blues. Prepare an antipasti tray of delectable finger foods, such as different types of olives, shrimp, cheese and crackers. If you both like them, a plate of raw oysters can be a real aphrodisiac. Finish with a tray of strawberries and whipped cream. Wear the sexiest outfit you can find, and give him a massage on a sheepskin rug in front of a crackling fire.

For a real light-his-fire type of surprise, unexpectedly show up at the end of the day at his workplace. You’ll be wearing a trench coat, and nobody there will know you’ve got nothing on underneath. Meet your special man with a sexy smile, drive to your city’s most romantic hotel where you’ve already checked in and spend some time in the private whirlpool tub with a bottle of good champagne. Later, order room service. The next morning, enjoy a sumptuous spread at a brunch buffet. Finally, put everything on your credit card and tell him to just enjoy.


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