Romantic Ideas to Surprise Your Girlfriend


Authored by Neal F. Litherland in Dating
Published on 12-09-2009

It’s always a good idea to try and keep some spontaneity in a relationship. For a lot of guys though, the thought never crosses their mind unless there’s a holiday or a birthday coming up. Step outside the box… special occasions are expected to be special. When you pull out a present or a surprise date out of nowhere, that’s when it takes on extra power for being so unexpected.

The easiest romantic ideas are those that just come to you out of circumstance. You can’t really plan for these, but you can keep your eyes and ears open. Listen to what your girlfriend talks about, and watch to see what interests her. For instance, if your girlfriend is talking about how she wanted to see a certain movie, but it’s just left theaters, this is a perfect opportunity. Find a second run movie theater, get tickets, and take her there as a surprise. This type of romantic idea is situational, and you’ll have to watch your girlfriend to see if you can give her something that she didn’t think she was going to get.

Another romantic surprise is to plan a date that you know your girlfriend likes, but that she doesn’t expect. The easiest way to do this is to plan some activity that you can do together. If you know that she’s a nature lover, take her to a park or the public gardens to spend some alone time together on a whim. This might also be a great time for a picnic. If on the other hand your girlfriend loves bargain hunting, go find some second hand stores and pick through their wares. In this case it’s less important that you find something than that you spend time together.

Of course, not all romantic surprises involve a lot of time or planning. Sometimes just getting your girlfriend a gift can make her melt. A gift represents the fact that you were thinking about her, as well as the fact that you were willing to spend money that you didn’t have to try and make her happy. Small gifts, like flowers, a card, or a small stuffed toy make great romantic surprises. This is even truer if you leave them somewhere that she’s likely to find them without you in the room. The surprise of her actually finding the gift on her own adds to the surprise, and the unexpected pleasure of the gift.

There are also some things that you should be careful of when trying to surprise your girlfriend. If you’re planning on a day outdoors, check the weather reports and make sure that rain won’t ruin your day. If you’re going to hide a gift, make sure that it’s a place she’s likely to find it (especially if it’s something that could melt if it goes undiscovered for too long). And lastly, learn from experience. If you try to surprise your girlfriend with a certain gift or event that she doesn’t appear to enjoy, then next time move on to something different.


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