Romantic Ideas to Surprise Your Husband


Authored by Donna Johnson in Marriage
Published on 12-12-2009

Whether you’ve been married for just a short while or for many years, there may come a time when the relationship becomes a little routine. When you find yourself stuck in a rut, you can liven up your romantic life by surprising your husband.

When you plan a romantic surprise for your husband, the first thing you must arrange is some alone time. If you have children, arrange for someone else to care for them. Send them to a friend’s or relative’s home for the night or weekend. Alternatively, you can have a friend or relative provide care for your children in your home and go to a hotel with your husband.

Make a list of everything you will need for your romantic surprise for your husband. Include any ingredients you will need if you plan to cook him dinner and whatever wine or beverage you want to go with it. If you need candles, music, flowers, or clothing to further set the mood, add them to the list as well. You should shop for these items the day of the surprise, so that your husband doesn’t find them in the house ahead of time and ruin the surprise.

Timing is everything when setting up your surprise. Go shopping early in the day, soon after he leaves for work. When you get home, set up the candles, music, and flowers in the areas you want them to be in when your husband arrives home. Plan your dinner so that it will be ready about an hour after he gets home. Chill the wine or other beverage so that it will be ready as soon as your husband arrives.

Run a hot bath for your husband just before he will arrive home. You may also add bubbles if he enjoys them or if you plan to join him in the tub. Light candles around the bathroom and any rooms he will have to pass through on the way to the bathroom. Have a glass of wine ready on the counter. Make a path of rose petals from the door to the bathroom. If you have chosen a special outfit, have it on and ready when he arrives home.

When your husband opens the door and sees the rose petals, he will know you have something special planned for him. But call out to him to make sure he’s alone before you join him near the door, especially if your special outfit is very revealing. Nothing will kill a romantic surprise faster than one of your husband’s friends or family members seeing you in lingerie!

Once you have him home and he is alone, cater to him and pamper him. Wash his back or join him in the tub if he wants, and serve him dinner and drinks when he is ready. Spend the rest of the evening doing whatever the two of you wish. Remember to take full advantage of your romantic night, especially if you have children. It may be a while before you get such a chance again!


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