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Room Additions for a Peace of Mind

Are you finding yourself short on patience? Is the lack of open living space in your house causing your spouse to duck-and-cover when you enter the room? If you’re frustrated because you can’t afford to move, take a deep breath and relax for a moment because there is good news! You may not have too. Imagine being able to get all the space you need without having to spend a fortune on selling and buying a new home. Are you wondering if it’s possible? Well it is.

Depending on your budget, city regulations, and the type and size of your lot, you may be able to add square footage to your house. With an Orange County room addition you can make your home bigger, better, your family happier and increase the value of your investment all at once.

For many home owners in Orange County, Irvine, Mission Viejo, Newport Beach, Laguna Niguel the cost of moving is enormous. On top of that, finding traditional financing in today’s credit crunch may be impossible (bummer, the days of stated income is over). The first thing you need to do is to seek out a reputable contractor in Orange County. They can professionally advise you on how to add a room to your home.

A good contractor will help you connect all the puzzle pieces of your vision by drawing up plans, researching your lot for restrictions and informing you on what permits are required. A little planning is the smartest thing you can do if you want to be successful with a home addition in Orange County.

There are some very important considerations you need to take if you’re goin

g to do a room addition. Several aspects of home addition construction must be decided prior to the design of the home addition floor plan. Take, for instance, your home’s existing structure. Is the addition you’re planning going to impact a load-bearing or sheer wall. A load-bearing wall is a wall that bears a load resting upon it by conducting its weight to a foundation structure. In short, you can’t take them down if you want your house to remain intact without incorporating engineering into the project.

Another imprtant consideration is if the construction of your home will be able to support an addition at the chosen point; roof, walls, floor, and foundation? And what type of temporary supports will be needed during the construction stage of your home addition project? This will be determined by your general contractor.

At this point you may have more questions than answers. That’s where we come in. We’re Sea Pointe Construction of Irvine. We’ve been doing home additions, room additions and every type of construction under-the-California-sun when it comes to residential living. With more than 26 years of experience, our licensed orange county contractors, sophisticated interior designers and construction team have the experience to guide you through a successful home addition. Enjoy the comfort of knowing that you’re working with a team of professionals who can make your room addition dreams come to life and call us today.

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