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Rotring Tikky Graphic Drawing Pen Pigment Ink 0.2 mm


Rotring Tikky Graphic Drawing Pen – Pigment Ink – 0.2 mm Full Body

I know that I mentioned I would have another giveaway this week, but I had a minor setback getting that ready, so I’m aiming for Monday on that now.  Definitely be sure to check back for that though, it will be worth it.  So anyway, today we have the Rotring Tikky Graphic Drawing Penin .2mm, that I picked up here at JetPens.


Rotring Tikky Graphic Drawing Pen – Pigment Ink – 0.2 mm Cap

As you can tell from the name of this pen, it isn’t exactly designed for every day writing and note taking, but that didn’t stop me from wanting to try it out.  One thing that is very nice about this pen is the clearly visible tip size printed on the top of the cap in a nicely contrasting black/white color scheme.  This is the perfect placement in my opinion, rather than it sometimes being on the clip or body of the pen like many other brands and models do.


Rotring Tikky Graphic Drawing Pen – Pigment Ink – 0.2 mm Grip and Tip

The grip is similar to many that you have seen before with its translucent body to show the ink and fins inside, and there is also a textured raised pattern on the transparent part of tthe grip too that makes it a little easier to hold onto.  It also has an extended metal casing around the tip of the pen, which helps to keep the ink off the edge of a ruler if you are using this pen to draw straight lines.


Rotring Tikky Graphic Drawing Pen – Pigment Ink – 0.2 mm Full Body

The body of the Rotring Tikky Graphic Drawing Pen is very streamlined, but to be honest I’m not a big fan of the color scheme or the somewhat large branding printed on the barrel.  I’m always a big fan of something more subtle, but this takes up the majority of one side of the barrel.  I do however like the clip, it is a long thin slice of metal that is quite sturdy and seems to be attached to the cap pretty solidly.  The pen has pretty good balance in the hand when writing, and the ink reservoir is said to be fairly large resulting in a longer lasting pen, but I have not used it long enough to really speak to the long lasting performance of this pen.


Rotring Tikky Graphic Drawing Pen – Pigment Ink – 0.2 mm Writing Sample

Writing with the Rotring Tikky Graphic Drawing pen was quite a nice surprise even though it is designed for drawing and not necessarily writing.  The thing I noticed the most was the fact that the pen writes effortlessly, meaning that it takes almost no downward pressure on the pen to get a nice solid and consistent line.  I did feel that this writes a bit wider than some other similar size tipped pens that I’ve used, but again with such a smooth writing experience I’m not complaining.  Overall, The Rotring Tikky Graphic Drawing Penin .2mm does a heck of a job at giving you the ability to write so smooth an consistently, and if its ink capacity lives up to the billing then it is probably a great choice that will last quite a while for regular writing use.

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