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Russia Travel Guide

When you travel to Russia, there is a wide selection of cities and tourist destinations to explore the vast history of this outstanding country. Nowadays Russia travel agencies provide a full spectrum of sightseeing tours to Russia and its largest cities, including Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg and Nizhniy Novgorod. One of the most outstanding features of present day Russia is the worship of the past and great perspectives for the future.

With its unique traditions, customs and peculiarities of the lifestyle, Russia welcomes tourists from all over the world with explicit Russia tours. Although St. Petersburg and Moscow represent the heart of today’s Russia, there is a plenty of other cities and towns remarkable for their in-depth historic past and national wealth. Moscow, a symbol of cultural life in Russia, boasts a wide selection of museums, art galleries and exhibitions. It has much to offer to every adventurous tourist. St. Petersburg spans a plenty of gorgeous monuments, architectural complexes, museums, including the Hermitage, bridges and historically important buildin

g, including a collection of Orthodox cathedrals.

When you travel to Russia with or without guide, you can take time and participate in celebrating festival held in St. Petersburg in spring. Annually, St. Petersburg hosts up to 1,000 festivals that gather thousands of tourists and travellers worldwide. While visiting Moscow, it is worth taking part in winter festivals, which are included in most Russia tours programs arranged by major travel agencies. During the festival tourists can enjoy troika rides and listen to the national music performed by Russian folk singers. Nowadays tourists are offered a great choice of sightseeing tours in Velikiy Novgorod. With almost thousand year history, the city was considered to be historically most important city in the 10th century.

In order to get rest of the daily hassle in large metropolises, tourists and travellers can take advantage of tours to Russia most impressive Volga region. Generally, Volga river cruises belong to the most economic Russia tours. When you travel to Russia without a guide it is necessary to remember that the best period to go on Volga cruises is from late spring until early autumn.


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