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Russian Meals In New York City

It is quite hard to get a good place to dine out. Buy the time you receive a good dining experience you will have had to skip from one restaurant to another one. This is more so if you reside with the Brooklyn area of New York. There are too many restaurants here you can easily eat at a different restaurant daily for several months. If you want to take this challenge, you can try it but be sure that when you get to Café Glechik in Brighton, you will not succeed. Reason for this is that you will not only get delicious food, but the best of the Easter European dining.

It is very hard to get a Russian restaurant in USA. Russians are not so big on food but technology you have to give them a thumb up. However, this is not to mean that Russian meals are boring. In fact, it is not until you get to Café Glechik, the best Russian Restaurant in Brooklyn, where you will get the opportunity to discover the true beauty of Russian dining. The minute you see the door to this restaurant you will start drooling as the aroma drags you from each of its sides.

The owner of Glechik, Mr. Vadim Tesler traces his roots to the city of Odessa. As you will discover on www.glechik.com, Odessa is at the shores of the Black Sea (which you will also get to learn about on this site). This port city of Odessa was established at a crossroads. People of diverse cultures often interacted here and as luck would have it, a city sprouted so fast. You can only imagine the kind of cuisines that were being served at this place. It is with this variety of cultural meals that Mr. Tesler opened the Glechik restaurant over ten years ago.

As the finest Russian Restaurant Brooklyn has, you will never miss the borscht. The Glechik borscht is one to die for so are the other amazing cuisines that have gained accreditation both in New York and even internationally.

The next time you find yourself in Brighton, make a point of visiting this place to get the ‘Glechik Experience’ once that you will never forget.


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