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Saddleback Leather Mouse Pad Review Luxury for Your Desk


Saddleback Leather Mouse Pad Untouched

Call me crazy (in fact it was already implied here by loyal reader and friend of the blog, Pete Lavelle) but I really couldn’t resist the temptation to pick up a Saddleback Leather Mouse Pad.  You will usually find that reviews here exclude prices because I hate to get into the conjecture of whats “expensive” or “too much” for certain items, but in this case…$45 for a mouse pad, well it certainly wasn’t “cheap” so I’ll just leave it at that.   One of the first things you might notice about the design is that the rivets and stitching leave a nice gap to for your wrist to rest without rubbing up against them.


Saddleback Leather Mouse Pad Side View Thickness

Just like the Saddleback Leather Briefcase and Saddleback Leather Passport Wallet that I own, this Saddleback Leather Mouse Pad is one seriously well constructed hunk of leather.  From the side view you can see that its pretty thick, about .25 inches thick to be more specific, and you can see the raised texture of the durable polyester thread that holds the two layers of full grain leather firmly together.  There is also a layer of high density neoprene sandwiched between the two layers to give some bounce to it if you want to use this or one of the larger desk pads as a writing pad.  If you do use it was a writing pad, you should note that you will get some ghosting on it that shows what you were writing.  This is great for giving it that really used look, but probably horrible for keeping secrets.  As for the other measurements, it is about 9 inches wide by 11.25 inches across.


Saddleback Leather Mouse Pad Logo

Besides the heavy duty stitching, the small Saddleback Leather Mouse Pad also has 8 metal rivets to keep it firmly together.  As always the Saddleback logo is discretely displayed on the product as well.


Saddleback Leather Mouse Pad Tribute to Dave’s Dog Blue

If you are a big dog person like myself, you might also find the new Saddleback leather logo/mascot a charming addition to this mouse pad.  Even if you aren’t in the market for a leather mouse pad or various other awesome leather goods, you should check out the page dedicated to the story of Blue.  If you are an emotional person, maybe that story isn’t for you, but its a great read full of humor, compasion, friendship and insight into the world of being a dog owner.


Saddleback Leather Mouse Pad Old Mexico

The entire back of the Saddleback Leather Mouse Pad is lined with a soft suede that does a great job of keeping the mouse pad in place and also making sure that your desktop or other surface remains scratch free.  The “Made in Old Mexico” is also just a pretty funny touch and not a surprise coming from the guy that put together a video about how to make knock-off Saddleback Leather bags.


Saddleback Leather Mouse Pad With Some Use

As I’ve been putting my Saddleback Leather mouse pad through its paces, I really like the worn and scratched look its beginning to develop.  I can’t lie though the first picture you saw of the pristine looking mouse pad in the review was actually taken AFTER this scratched up version you see here.  I still have some of the Chamberlain Leather Milk Liniment left that I bought when I picked up my bag from Saddleback, and it works amazingly well at making the thing look brand new if thats how you want to keep it looking.  Besides the obvious visual appeal (at least to me) the Saddleback Leather mouse pad actually works really well.  The smooth and soft gap for your wrist that I mentioned earlier, and the neoprene padding sandwiched between the two layers of full grain leather make for a luxurious experience for your mousing activities.  One additional benefit over so many other mouse pads is the smell.  I’ve always been a bit weary and horrified of the incredibly harsh and sometimes headache inducing smell from some rubber mouse pads, but this Saddleback mouse pad exudes that smell of high quality leather that you would expect to find when you get in the seat of a fancy new car.  I get it, not everyone needs or wants a $45 mouse pad, but I’m definitely a happier person having the Saddleback Leather mouse pad on my desk to use every day.

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