Safe and Effective Ways to Spray Your Pesticide


Authored by Thea Tan in Pest Control
Published on 02-07-2009

Inasmuch as you want to protect your fruit tree from pests during the summer, it’s extremely difficult to accomplish it without the use of pesticides or chemicals. The thought of having chemicals coating your fruits might scare you, but it is possible to get rid of the pests without infecting the actual tree, only if you do things properly. If you plan to spray chemicals, you’ll have to choose between a handheld pump and a hose end sprayer.

Pump sprayers are good in terms of accurately determining the mixing of chemicals. However, you can’t spray it very far and it won’t usually reach the top of trees. With this, you might want to use hose end sprayers. It might be difficult to get the correct mix of chemicals with this type of sprayer, though.

You’ll have to count on your water pressure for you to have the chemicals mixed correctly. Unfortunately, water pressure is not steady. Sometimes it might be lower, making the chemical content higher. The chemicals you’ll use for hose application are in an extremely strong form, so you need to dilute them and make them weak enough before applying.

Keep in mind to follow directions exactly when mixing chemicals for spraying. You should pay attention to what professionals recommend and wear proper protective gear such as rubber gloves since you are dealing with dangerous chemicals. Use the exact portions indicated in the instructions. Avoid estimation because you could end up not killing any pests, or worse, killing your tree. Start by applying the proper amount of pesticide and then add water.

Spray evenly all over the areas. You should not spray too much or twice over the same part as it causes the chemicals to build up and drip off the leaves. You can use a ladder so you can reach the hard-to-reach segments of the trees. Spray the same amount of pesticide once in each segment of the tree in full sweeps.

If your tree is large or is already well-developed, you should use a ladder and stand on it under the base of a trunk when you spray. Spray all segments of the tree from the inside towards the outside. After spraying the outer canopy, you can get out from under there and spray the rest. Once you’re done spraying, make sure to clean every piece of equipment you used fully and thoroughly, including protective gears and clothes. You should not mix the clothes you used during spraying with the rest of your family’s laundry.

When spraying, your goal is to get rid of pests on your trees. Make sure that the pesticides land only on your trees and not on the ground. When the pesticide is sprayed on or drips to the ground, it will be absorbed by the tree’s roots and transported to the fruits. Wash your fruit thoroughly before eating so you’ll be able to enjoy every bite and won’t have to worry about getting poisoned.


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