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Safety Measures for the Motorcyclists

  • By Albert Taylor
  • Published 01/16/2012

Reasons of Street Accidents

Street accidents happen. This has become a normal part of everyday life. Cars crash against each other or the people moving on the road. This causes severe injuries, even death of the victims.

There are different types of reasons for accidents to take place. Most of the times, the accidents occur due to the drivers faults. Speeding happens to be the major cause of the street accident. Drivers fail to keep the car under control and slam against another car or some other object, producing fatal injuries. Drunken driving is another cause of car accidents which have wrecked many lives in the past and will continue to do so in the future too.

However, not always accidents take place as a result of the driver’s careless conduct. There are other reasons for an accident to take place. Sometimes the driver fails to notice the presence of the victim in the darkness and cause accident. This mostly happens in the highway, where the street lights are not that bright and cars tend to increase speed.

The motorcyclists mainly, fall prey of such situations. They have the disadvantage of lacking the protective shield around them and their bodies are always exposed to the surrounding. For this reasons, at a time of accident the motorcyclist sustains severe injuries.

Not only the motorcyclists, the joggers and the hikers run the similar risk of getting hurt in an accident. Frankly, anyone who likes outdoor sports and stay out after the dark may face accident due to these reasons.

Safety measures

There are many safety measures the motorcyclist can apply to avoid accident. The motorcyclist can avoid accident by giving up wearing dark colours like black. These colours disappear into the night and make it difficult for the drivers to detect the existence of the motorcyclist in the street. Stick to lighter colours to avoid this problem.

The next is, wearing helmet. Now, there is no alternative of this one. You will have to wear helmet if you want to save your head from getting crashed. There are countries which have strict helmet acts and not wearing one may get you arrested. Therefore if you do not have the habit of wearing helmet, make it a habit. This will save you many times.

Similarly, if you are ridding on the highways in the night, you may wear elbow guards and knee guards which will keep your skin from getting scrapped.

And lastly, you can wear High vis Jacket to make sure that you stay visible in the darkness. These cloths are made of materials which begin to glow as the daylight fades. Moreover, the florescent colours send out continuous warning signs that you are there.

Selecting the Right Cloths

You may go to the nearest market in search of this type of cloths. Or you can search online for these cloths. There are different types of online shops which provide high visibility cloths. You will have to select the one which is right for you.

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