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Sailor Lecoule Power Stone Color Fountain Pen Morion


As part of our sponsorship with JetPens, I get to try out some pretty awesome pens and office supplies free of cost, and this Sailor Lecoule (buy via JetPens) is one of them.  Mostly known for their mid to high end fountain pens, Sailor has this very nice offering that fits more into the beginner or maybe higher end beginner arena.  Although I’m looking at the Morion or Black Quartz colorway here, its also available in 4 other colors at the JetPens link provided in the first sentence in the review up there.


A little side note before digging further into the review, I have a new camera so I’m really happy with some of the pictures and not so happy with others, so bear with me as I learn how to use it and get better with the pictures, hopefully!  So I think one of my favorite things about he Lecoule Power Stone Morion is the awesome looking finish.  It looks like the deep night sky full of stars.  The body itself is a plastic resin so its not as hefty and solid feeling as something like the Sailor Professional Gear, but I’ll take a closer look at hat later on in the review.  The basic shape of the pen though is very similar to the Professional Gear.


The nib on my Sailor Lecoule Power Stone Color Fountain Pen is a Medium Fine and is just a basic steel nib with the Sailor logo printed on it.  You can also see the back of the cap here that has the words “Sailor Japan” printed on it.  This is probably my least favorite part of the pen.  Although its fairly subtle, I’m just not a fan of the branding here for some reason.


The Sailor Lecoule Power Stone Color Fountain Pen takes a proprietary Sailor fountain pen cartridge or you can also grab a converter from JetPens if you want to use your own bottled ink instead.  The package of two black cartridges above comes standard with the Lecoule though so you can get writing right from the start if you pick one up.


A little light here but you can see the weight of the Sailor Lecoule comes in at a very light 0.502 ounces which from a functional point is probably my only minor issue with this pen.  I tend to like heavier more substantial pens but that is just a personal preference and will vary for each individual.


For comparison, here is the Sailor Professional Gear Imperial, which weighs in at 0.877 oz.  Although 0.375 ounces may not seem significant, it is actually about a 57% difference so its noticeable when you pick up the pen and start writing with it.


Besides being about 1/8″ shorter than the professional gear and slightly less girthy, there are two other noticeable differences when the Sailor Lecoule Power Stone Color Fountain Pen is compared to the Sailor Professional Gear.  Those two differences come with the cap.  The Lecoule doesn’t have the Sailor branded capstone nor does it have the same level of texture and detail on the clip.  For a more entry level fountain pen these are certainly not deal breakers and they have literally zero impact on the functionality of the pen.

Sailor Lecoule Power Stone Color Fountain Pen Writing Sample:


Although I think the Sailor Lecoule Power Stone Color Fountain Pen comes in slightly more expensive than most beginner fountain pens, I find the writing experience to be quite nice.  It might not literally translate to a dollar for dollar value that can be measured, but I really enjoy writing with this pen.  The nib has just enough tooth to give that slightly scratchy feel and it writes a little bit on the dry side.  Regardless of the hint of scratch and being on the dry side of the ink flow, the nib never skipped or even gave a hint of skipping on me in my time writing with it.  One minor nuisance I encountered is that it did take a few minutes longer for the ink to start flowing than I had expected. In terms of a beginner fountain pen its really a superb writing experience.  Combine that with the great looking finish and I think this beginner pen really makes a case for itself despite is slightly smaller size and larger price tag.  Definitely give this one a look, even experienced fountain pen users will likely enjoy the Sailor Lecoule Power Stone Color Fountain Pen!

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