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Sales Copywriting Secrets For Your Landing Page

  • By Jimmy Cox
  • Published 08/5/2010
  • Copywriting

All successful internet marketers rely on the written word to get their message across to their target customers. Often they have a sales page on their website where they tell people about their product or service and try their best to get the customer to do a certain action, either to make a purchase or to opt in to get their emails. Usually this sales page is also the site’s home page. However for any sales page to be successful, it is important that the copy is of high quality and nails down what is necessary to make the desired conversion. Sales copywriting is an important part of internet marketing because with the way the web works today, it relies heavily on the copy. But writing sales copy is no easy task. It is different from merely writing an article because with sales writing, you are aiming to make a conversion. Your aim is to convince the reader to do a certain action that is beneficial to you. And it is more than just giving them information about your product or service. Doing any form of sales copywriting is not just putting words together. Some say that it is a science to itself, more than an art. Here are some helpful tips to get you started on writing sales copy. The headline is the one that grabs the reader’s attention.

And because of that, you should put extra attention and care in crafting the headline of y

our sales page. To help you get an idea, think about the last time you passed by a newsstand. Once or twice you probably stopped dead on your track because a magazine cover struck your attention. And it is not the beautiful photo of the cover that got you interested, but the headline or one of the blurbs. Can you remember how it was written? It is usually full of intrigue, of excitement and promises. And that is how you should write your next headline. Focus more on the benefit of your product or service. When doing your sales copywriting, always think about what the customer will be getting when he purchases your product or service. Because that is the only thing that will get him interested to give it a try. Stop talking about the features of your product, but more on what the customer can get from it. For example, if you are selling a keyboard, do not talk about its ‘state of the art design’. Mention that it ‘can ease the stress off your fingers after hours of typing’. Don’t you think the last one’s a better copy? Give your target customer an avatar.

Imagine your perfect customer. Give him or her a specific age, an educational level, qualities and traits, and even a nationality if that is important. When you have a clear idea of who you want to market to, then you can create your sales copy specifically for that target person or target market. After all we cannot sell to all people and we will always have only a certain market to work with.



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