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Sales for February 5, 2015

Three quick and really good deals today.  First is the Pental Graph Gear 1000 .5mm which we reviewed recently in the .3mm version and really liked.  They will usually set you back anywhere from $12-$18 if you look around, but assuming you have enough in your cart at Amazon to earn free shipping, you can add this in and get it at a steal of only $8.99. (Buy via Amazon)

I haven’t used these SuperChalks before but if you check out the reviews over at Amazon you will see that there are quite a few people that are big fans.  They are 4mm liquid chalk markers that are designed to write on any non-porous surface like glass and metal.  At a normal price of $24-$30 the offer over at Amazon of only $18.77 is certainly a big savings. (Buy via Amazon)

I know I keep harping on it, but you can’t beat many of the deals over on Massdrop and they are frequently changing, plus you can vote on what products you would like to see in their future deals.  I think the one particularly good deal over there right now is the Pilot Metropolitan Fountain Pen 2 pack for $22.99, two of these could normally cost you $26-$30 in many places and they are really a great every day fountain pen that is worth every penny. (Buy via Massdrop)

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