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Sales Letter Writing Pointers That Actually Improve Website Sales

  • By Karen Winton
  • Published 06/8/2011
  • Writing

Sales letter writing is a vital step if you desire to actually increase your conversion rate, in other words, improve website sales. Writing a letter that’s effective will really help you convince your potential clients or target audience to trust you, your product or your service, and make a purchase, sign up for what you’re offering, and so on. If you feel that your advertisements or letters are not working well enough, better read below and learn some pointers that will make you master the art of creating sales-letters: Tip Number One: Use a friendly tone in the letters. For you to be successful in the sales letter writing activity, you have to remember to be conversational. In other words, use a warm or a friendly writing style. You should not use too much technical jargon, nor should you sound rude, sarcastic, etc. To increase your conversion, you must give the people the impression that you are someone to be trusted, you are professional, an expert in your niche, and the like. Tip Number Two: Know potential clients well.

If writing a letter that can improve website sales is what you want to achieve, it is also essential that you gain more knowledge about your audience. Some information about them you should research on before engaging in sales letter writing are: their economic standing e.g. rich, poor, or middle class; their usual ages; their gender; what things or activities they ar

e interested in; and so forth. The more you know your potential customers, the easier it will be for you to make letters that are able to increase your conversion rate or your sales. Tip Number Three: Convince targeted people with the use of the product’s or the service’s features and benefits. Another important technique that will help improve website sales whenever you’re writing a letter for your potential clients is to actually mention some features and some benefits of the stuff you are offering. People are looking for a solution to their problems, something that will make life easier for them, etc, thus, telling them about features and benefits, or the perks they can receive is a vital sales letter writing tip that you should not forget. Tip Number Four: Your letters should have good grammar and correct word spellings. To increase your conversion through the letters, it is also a must that you proofread your work first before publishing it online, or sending it out to targeted people. Once people notice grammatical errors and spelling errors in your sales copy, they’ll really be turned off and lose interest in whatever you are selling to them. When writing a letter, therefore, you have to make sure that the finished product has perfect spelling and grammar or else your letters will drive most people away.

The sales letter writing reminders mentioned above are really important if you desire to increase website sales. Make them a habit so as to boost business productivity and earn more cash.



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