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Amazon has a ton of sales on pens and refills, I suggest you check it out to see if your favorites are on there.  (Pens and Refills Sale on Amazon)

I don’t own this and don’t know how well it works, but I never even knew that something like this existed. Its a mini perforator that lets perforate paper, like in a notebook or something. I think I might grab this because for only $3.65 even if its awful, its worth a shot. I’d love to try making some of my notebook pages perforated so I can remove used pages, although looking at this I don’t know how close you can get the inside edge of the binding you can get so maybe its not a good idea. But again for under 4 bucks its worth a shot. (Buy via Amazon)

Aaaaaand the obligatory Massdrop post.  But how can you pass up this deal on a Pelikan M800 series, at that price you really cant go wrong.  I’ve never used an M800 but based on my experience with the M200 I cant imagine how great it must be.  If you don’t have $360 to drop on a fountain pen, dont worry there are plenty of other much more affordable deals over there too so you should check it out. (via Massdrop)

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