Saltwater Chlorine Generator Consumer Guide

Authored by Alyssa Ast in Family 
Published on 10-09-2009

Saltwater chlorine generators are not as complicated as they sound. The chlorine generators are used in pools that are not free from chlorine. In order to use a chlorine generator in a pool, there must be a salt content in the water of about 2,500 to 6,000 ppm (parts per million). If the salt content does not fall within these limits, the generator will not work as effectively as it should.

Saltwater Chlorine Generator

There are many benefits of using a saltwater chlorine generator in a pool. It not only makes the swimmers skin feel softer, but also saves the pool owner money because they no longer have to buy chlorine to add into the pool. Using a chlorine generator will stop algae from growing inside the pool. It is important to keep the generator free from calcium and other mineral deposits to keep it working properly.

Types of Chlorine Generators

There are many saltwater chlorine generator consumer guides that can help you choose a generator that may be right for your pool. In order to understand these consumer guides, it is important to understand the types of generators available. There are two main types of chlorine generators that are commonly used in homes with pools.

One type of generator is a brine unit. These types of units have a compartment with salt in the generator so the pool owner does not have to add salt into the pool. The chlorine generator automatically adds the salt to the water. The down side of using a brine unit is they are very messy.

The second of the common generators are units that do not add salt automatically. When using these types of generators, they will not work properly if mineral deposits build up on them.

Intex Pool Saltwater Chlorine Generator

The Intex Pool Saltwater Chlorine Generator is best used in pools that are 15 feet or larger. It is best used with in ground pools but can be used on some above ground pools. It does not cause eye irritation or fading of clothes or pool liners. This generator sells for a price of $269.99.

Intex Deluxe Saltwater System

The Intex Deluxe Saltwater System works best with above ground pools. This system has shown to not cause damage to pools. It is a safe and easy way to add chlorine to a pool. This system adds the salt to the water automatically without having to mess with any chemicals. It can be found for a price of $199.99.

The Above Ground Pool Saltwater Chlorine Generator

The Above Ground Pool Saltwater Chlorine Generator works with just about any above ground pool systems. It has easy to use test strips to test the water quality in the pool. It has a control system to pre-program the hours the pump will operate. This generator is available for $129.99.

Salt Water Chlorine Generator for Pools

The Salt Water Chlorine Generator for Pools will work in almost any above ground pool. It easily hangs onto the frame of the pool. It will work in pools that have up to 18,000 gallons of water. It is available for $228.95.


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